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Goji Berries (All Natural)
Goji Berries (All natural)

Goji Berries (All Natural)

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Goji berries
Natural Dried Goji Berries

We discovered this relatively unknown (until now) berry hiding in the mountains of Tibet where there are some incredible stories of the local people's life span and health. Whether the stories are legend or fact, science proves the goji's anti oxidant levels to be off the chart with an array of vitamins and amino acids unlike any other fruit and higher on the Bovis energy scale than any food ever measured. In our opinion, the goji berry is the super fruit of super fruit, check out the info and links below and we think you'll agree.

The Dried Goji Berry-
The goji berry has so many beneficial properties we could only list a couple here. It would be a good idea for one to conduct a little research to see just how much more the goji berry has to offer. LiveStrong.com has some interesting information about it. Below, we listed a few aspects of the goji berry that people are finding beneficial.

When Compared gram-per-gram with other fruits and vegetables, goji berries rate very highly in terms of Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC), a test developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Here are ORAC values (in units per 100 grams) for some foods with high amounts of antioxidants:
Goji Berries
Prunes                     5,770
Raisins                     2,830
Blueberries               2,400
Kale                          1,770
Strawberries             1,540       
Plums                        949

Anti Aging-
Goji Berries contain many amino acids. Two important ones are L-Glutamine and L-Arginine.

According to ForeverLookingGood.com L-Glutamine is known as a brain food and has many other benifits. L-Glutamine is used by the immune system, plays a key role in protein metabolism, and helps prevent muscle deterioration during workouts.

L-Arginine is widely used in supplements associated with rejuvenation and anti-aging. It is also used in weight control and muscle retention supplements.

Together, these two may boost growth hormone levels, and help you look and feel younger.

Goji Berries also contain high levels of potassium. Potassium is vital for the normal function of the pituitary gland which produces the growth hormone.

Why do we want to support the Human Growth hormone? As we get older, the amount of the human growth hormone in our bodies decreases which results in higher levels of stored body fat, lower levels of energy, and deterioration of muscle.

Sports Enthusiasts-
Many sports enthusiasts have found aspects of goji berries that that can be beneficial to their performance. Goji berries have four times the amount of potassium as bananas-the athletes favorite cramp killer. Many of us who would consider a testosterone booster for stamina and endurance might want to consider the goji berry as it can help the body naturally produce a higher level of testosterone. The goji berry also contains Vitamin B2 which is not found in many fruits. Vitamin B2 helps convert carbohydrates into fuel.

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