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Dried Tart Cherries (Sugar Infused)
Dried Tart Cherries (Sugar Infused)

Dried Tart Cherries (Sugar Infused)

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Cherries, sugar, sunflower oil
Dried Tart Cherries (Sugar Infused)

Tart Cherries, also known as Sour Cherries, are a great dried fruit snack also popular for baking. These Montmorency Cherries get their deep, dark color from anthocyanins that are linked to reducing inflammation in the body. Get a healthy boost of flavor by simply adding dried tart cherries to your favorite salads, trail mix and granola. They are a fantastic addition to your breakfast oatmeal! Due to their sour nature, these tart cherries are lightly sweetened.

Dried Tart Cherries pack a wallop of sweetness. They are a great snack and perfect for baking. Make a tasty treat by stuffing our sugar infused dried cherries with chocolate chips, and use them in the cookie dough of a chocolate chip cookie recipe - kids love them. You can also sprinkle these in with your muesli and yogurt for refreshing continental breakfast. 

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