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Exotic Organic Fruit Crate

Exotic Organic Fruit Crate

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Exotic Organic Fruit Crate

If you are searching for healthy and environmentally friendly gifts, we are sure you will love the Organic Gift Crate. It is all packaged in one of our hand crafted peach-wood boxes made from an old peach tree from our orchard.

Exotic Organic Fruit Crate
What's in it?

Contains 4 different bags of exotic organic fruits!
8oz Organic Dried Persimmons
8oz Organic Dried Pineapple Rings
4oz Organic Dried Orange Slices
8oz Organic Dried Mango
Hand crafted peach-wood crate from our orchards


As a farming family of the most agriculturally rich soil on earth, the San Joaquin Valley, we understand the importance of taking care of the land we use so it will still be abundantly providing for generations to come. That is why in 2006 we became a Certified Organic fruit grower and began producing fruit in our sustainable orchard. We are now working toward offering all our California fruits as organic.

This organic gift basket was designed to have little impact on the environment but a huge impact on the one receiving it. We specially made this fruit box from trees that would normally be burned up when disposed of. The wood was saved to bring you one of the most unique organic gift baskets you can find. It is a real sample of our farm.

Without holding this box in your hand it is difficult to understand its unique aspects as it was at one time a tree in our orchards producing the exceptional fruit we all get to enjoy.

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