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Mother's Day Crate

Mother's Day Crate

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Mother's Day Gift Crate

Packed with 6 lbs of our best Chocolates, Fruits, and Nuts, the Mother's Day Gift Crate is a sure way to show appreciation to mom! This gift is bursting with fantastic treats for snacking and baking. Include your personal gift message when ordering this gift online.

Contains 9 different fruits, nuts, & chocolates (6 lbs)
16oz Dried Tangy Apricots
16oz Dried Pears
16oz Dried Cranberries     
Dried Tart Apples 
4oz Dried Oranges
16oz Raw Almonds
8oz Chocolate Almonds
8oz Chocolate Cherries
8oz Chocolate Strawberries

This gift is packaged in our hand-crafted, peach wood, box which was made from trees that would normally be disposed of. The wood was saved to create very unique gift. It is a real sample of our farm
as it once grew in our orchards producing the exceptional fruit we all enjoy.

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