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California Tangy Apricots

California Tangy Apricots

Dried Tangy Apricots 

California Dried Apricots are grown and dried in California, as opposed to their more common counterpart, Turkish Apricots, which are imported from Turkey and grown and dried in various parts of the Middle East. Although we offer many varieties and styles of California Apricots, all from neighboring farms, we grow and dry what we refer to as the Tangy Apricot. Our Tangy Apricots are made only from the Patterson variety grown on an estate orchard that has been in the family since 1943.  Although the Patterson variety is the main variety grown in California, our painstaking cultural practices make ours a cut above the rest for many reasons. First,the typical Patterson Apricot grower wants to get as much fruit on the trees as possible and who could fault him/her for that? More to sell, right? That is true, however we go for growing the largest, sweetest and most flavorful apricot possible. To do that, we start by hand pruning each tree in winter to get abundant and uniform sunlight through the tree and onto the fruit. Then in spring the labor intensive and very expensive task of thinning begins.  Once the tender young fruitlets turn from flowers to fruits we thin off at least half and in some years up to 90% of the fruit allowing the remaining fruit to grow larger, sweeter and more flavorful. Then about 90 days later the golden gems are ready for harvest. The typical Patterson Apricot orchard is harvested with a machine that grabs the tree and shakes all the fruit off onto a canopy that collects them onto a conveyor which dumps them into a bin. Our estate grown Patterson Apricots are hand selected from the tree by harvest specialists, many of whom have been with our family farm for generations. Each tree is harvested several times by only selecting fruit that is perfectly mature and ready for drying each round through the orchard. Earlier I mentioned that we are trying to get our apricots as sweet as possible, but we call them Tangy. What's up with that? Having the best flavored apricot is not good enough for us here at Bella Viva, the right sugar acid balance is critical for the ultimate apricot experience. The Patterson variety has a slightly tart or acidic skin.  We grow our apricots on a special plum rootstock called Myrobalan 29c. This rootstock accentuates the acid, giving the apricot that just right tang when you bite into it causing an uncontrollable craving for more. I love our Patterson Apricots and could write a lot more about them but better stop now before I give any trade secrets away.

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Specifically chosen for our soil and central California climate, our large, juicy, Patterson Apricots will surprise you with each bite of sweet apricot flesh and rich, tangy skin.
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Kosher Certified Ingredients: Apricots, sulphur dioxide
Allergen Statement: Packaged in a facility that packs tree nuts and dairy products.

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Customer Reviews

Being recently retired I was thinking back on my life here in California and my childhood growing up in the Santa Clara Valley. I remembered those wonderful dried Appricots from the fruit stands, and how much I dislike Mediterranean dried Appricots of recent years. I Googled dried Appricots and found Bellaviva. These Appricots are as good as I remember them! The perfect blend of sweet and tangy, that if you can resist chewing, seems to slowly melt in your mouth. My only issue with them is being able to stop eating them!!! I received 5 pounds and going threw a pound a week, I'll be ordering more soon.
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Reviewed by:  from Northern California on 4/27/2017
Dried apricots have always been my favorite food but they had become a memory. The ones in stores today have little in common with the sweet and tangy fruit I always loved. I ordered from Bella Viva in a last ditch grab to reclaim the past. BV apricots are exactly what I hoped for. Exactly. I am so happy I could sing. If I could sing. Which I can't. Anyway... thank you for a great product and great service.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Tulsa on 10/8/2017
I LOVE these Apricots!! They are the best if have had!
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Reviewed by:  from Turlcok on 8/3/2016
The Best
I've been eating dried California Apricots for close to 60 years. The high quality and freshness make these the best I have ever found.
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Reviewed by:  from Virginia on 3/13/2017
Delicious and addictive!
These are my favorite product from Bella Viva. Always perfectly chewy and wonderfully tart. These are the best dried apricots I've ever had. I only buy them from Bella Viva!
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Reviewed by:  from Michigan, USA on 8/13/2016
California tangy apricots: ID # 701024101512
I tried both the natural dried apricots and the California tangy apricots and I prefer the tangy apricots. They were sweeter, chewier, and were better tasting than the natural dried apricots. Both were good but I will always buy the sulfur dioxide product.
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Reviewed by:  from Ohio on 6/20/2019
Wonderful Apricots!
I love these California apricots. They are of the highest quality. Tangy but sweet. I highly recommend them to apricot lovers.
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Reviewed by:  from Rockwall on 8/10/2017
Great product. Great service!
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Reviewed by:  from Silver Spring, MD on 6/26/2017
Wonderfully tart! The only perfect apricots I can find for Apricot Hand-pies.
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Reviewed by:  from Albuquerque on 8/4/2016
I love these dried apricots!! Discovered them when I was in San Francisco and can’t find anything like them in the Midwest. The tangy flavor is what I like!
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Reviewed by:  from Indiana on 3/3/2018
Product:Dried Tangy Apricots
Ingredients:Apricot, Sulfur Dioxide
Kosher Status:Kosher Certified by Kosher Certification Services
GMO Statement:This Product is 100% GMO Free
Process:Pitted Apricot Halves, Sun Dried in compliance with Local, State, and Federal Law Rules and Ordinances. Graded to DFA Standards.
Color:orange to bright orange
Flavoring:Sweet & Tangy, typical of California Apricots
Grading:Extra Fancy and Larger
Metal Detection:1.80mm ferric, 2.16mm non-ferric 2.70 stainless
Storage:This product does not require cold storage, however, shelf life is greatly increased with cold storage.
Shelf Life:At room temperature 70-78 F, 90 days. Cold Storage 32-40 F, 50% humidity, 365 days.
Case Pack:1 lb, 5 lbs, 25 lbs