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California White Apricots

California White Apricots
California White Apricots
Kosher Certified
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Taking 40 years of his life, Ross Sanborn perfected the only California apricot without tang. The Dried White Apricot emits smooth nectarous and floral flavors--like nothing we have tasted.
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Ingredients: Apricots, sulphur dioxide

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One of the only California Apricots without tang, emitting smooth nectarous and floral flavor, like nothing we have tasted. We thought they'd be good dried, but we were wrong -- they're fantastic. If you're looking for a dried apricot with sweet flavor and no tanginess, this is the apricot for you!

We are excited to be the first to dry California's newest fruit! The White Apricot is creating quite a buzz from coast to coast, appearing in articles from The New York Times to the San Francisco Chronicle--where we learned Martha Stewart is a fan. In the 1970s, a small bag of white apricot seeds made its way from Iran to local Californian Ross Sanborn, who started his career as a UC Davis Farm Advisor and ultimately became a plant breeder. Ross spent the last 40 years of his life perfecting the white apricot.

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