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California Treats 7.5lbs

California Treats 7.5lbs
California Treats 7.5lbs
Kosher Certified
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Finish with a taste of organic sparkling tangerine, outrageous almond cookies, and Bella Viva's chocolate cherries.
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California Treats

American made by artisan purveyors with a passion for perfection starting with the organic flatbread crackers, which go so well with the organic apricot jam. When these are paired with the two award winning Fiscalini Cheeses, the senses go wild. Bella Viva's fruit-tray is so beautifully presented it's difficult to break into, and the fruit/nut combo is fantastic. Finish with a taste of sparkling apple cider, outrageous almond cookies, and Bella Viva's chocolate cherries. The passion for perfection in each of these artisan treats will entice the senses to ecstasy.

California Treats Gift Basket (7.5 lbs)
What's in it
2 Trays of Bella Viva Dried Fruits & Nuts (48oz)
Bella Viva Chocolate Coverd Cherries (8oz)
Santa Cruz Organic Apricot Jam (9.5oz)
Fiscalini San Joaquin Gold Cheese (8oz)
Fiscalini Purple Moon Cheese (8oz)
Mary's Herb Whole Grain Crackers (6.5oz)
Mary's Original Crackers (6oz)
Almondina Original Cookies (4oz)
Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider (750 ml)

Description of Contents:
Dried Fruit Gift Basket
2 Trays Bella Viva Dried Fruits & Nuts
Grown here in the grand San Joaquin Valley of California, these Gourmet Valley Trays are packed with great fruits and nuts. One contains 24oz of plums, pears, apricots, nectarines, pitted prunes and peaches. The other is packed with 24oz of roasted lightly salted almonds and roasted lightly salted pistachios

Bella Viva Chocolates
-8oz Chocolate Covered Cherries
Grown here on the Bella Viva Orchards in California, we use premium Bing Cherries.These Chocolate Covered fruits and nuts are dipped in savory milk chocolate with a top layer of rich cherry colored chocolate. They are treasured by chocolate lovers worldwide.

Santa Cruz Apricot Jam
-Apricot Jam
The 9.5oz jar of Organic Apricot Jam is as delightful as it gets.
Only the best of the best fruit was used to make this great jam. Santa Cruz Organic Fruit Spreads have a home-style spreadable texture that is unmatched. And it is just amazing!

Fiscalini Cheese
-8oz of San Joaquin Gold The San Joaquin Gold is a 16 month aged, natural rind, hard cheese that is fabulous grated on soup, salads, and pastas or cut thin on crackers with salami. The San Joaquin Gold is a unique creation of the Fiscalini family. This one-of-a-kind cheese has won Gold Medals at the World Cheese Awards in London! It is truly one of the best cheeses ever.

Mary’s Organic Crackers (Herb & Original Flavors)

Mary’s Organic Crackers (Wheat & Gluten Free)
6.5 oz-Organic Whole Grain crackers by Mary’s Gone Crackers have a wonderful mix of organic whole grains and flax seeds. These hand made flatbreads were specially crafted to compliment the increasingly sophisticated cheeses such as Fiscalini's one of a kind San Joaquin Gold.

Almondina Cookies
-One 4oz bag of Almondina Cookies
These all-natural crispy cookies are similar to biscottis but far more healthy. They are baked with crunchy California almonds. They are so delicious you would never know they have no cholesterol, no added fat, salt, or preservatives! The cookie comes from a secret family recipe over 70 years ago.

Sparkling Apple Cider 

-750ml Martinelli's award winning Apple Cider 

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