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California's Traditional Raccoloto

California's Traditional Raccoloto
California's Traditional Raccoloto
Kosher Certified
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This Antique Harvesting crate truly represents the bounty of the Golden State.
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California's Traditional Raccoloto Gift

If you are searching for healthy and environmentally friendly gifts, we are sure you will love California's Traditional Gift Crate. This environmentally friendly gift basket is filled with sustainably grown dried fruits from our farm in California.

California's Traditional Raccoloto
What's in it?

Contains 15 different bags of Dried Fruits & Nuts
4oz Natural Dried Oranges
8oz Natural Dried Pears
8oz Natural Dried Persimmons
8oz Natural Dried Yellow Peaches
8oz Natural Dried White Peaches
16oz Dried Slab Apricots
16oz Dried White Nectarines
16oz Dried Black Figs
16oz Dried Turkish Apricots
16oz Dried Natural Cherries
16oz Dried Betty Anne Plums
16oz Dried Mixed Fruit
16oz Roasted / Salted Pistachios
16oz Roasted / Salted Almonds
16oz Roasted / Salted Mixed Nuts
Vintage Farm Raccoloto Crate 
Hand picked Ribbon and Bow


As a farming family of the most agriculturally rich soil on earth, the San Joaquin Valley, we understand the importance of taking care of the land we use so it will still be abundantly providing for generations to come.

Without holding this box in your hand it is difficult to understand its unique aspects as it was at one time a tree in our orchards producing the exceptional fruit we all get to enjoy.

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