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Jordan Almonds, 8oz

Jordan Almonds, 8oz
Jordan Almonds
Kosher Certified
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Bella Viva Almonds with a thin candy shell. These Jordan Almonds have a thin candy shell with an almond in the center. A great gift for the Almond lover.
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Jordan Almonds
Our Jordan Almonds consist of local California Almonds coated in a thin, crunchy sugared shell. These treats, enjoyable anytime of the year, are especially popular when given as wedding favors symbolizing the “bitterness” in life from the Almonds and the “sweetness” of love from the coating – though today’s Almonds are plump, sweet and far from the bitter varieties of ancient times. Make any day a special occasion and keep a dish of these pretty confections on the table for a healthier answer when your sweet tooth comes calling!

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