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Natural Diced Yellow Peaches

Kosher Certified
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Sweet and full-flavored, these dried yellow peaches are packaged without the preservative sulfur dioxide, normally used to preserve the peaches' color when drying.
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Ingredients: Peaches

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Natural Diced Yellow Peaches
Bella Viva Orchards’ Natural California Diced Yellow Peaches come straight from our local orchards. These pretty yellow-orangey-red fruits are slightly chewy and are unsweetened, unsulfured, GMO-free and naturally low in calories. We leave their skins on and cut them into approximate 3/8-inch pieces for easy snacking and cooking. They’re gluten free, contain no saturated fat and are a source of dietary fiber and potassium. Keep them on hand for an easy bite between meals, use them in your favorite scone recipe or add them to your next bread pudding recipe. Get creative and surf the ‘net to find more inspiring ways to add this beautiful fruit to your diet.

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