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Natural Dried Diced Pears

Kosher Certified
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Fresh from the Central California sun, these delicious Natural Dried Pears are sweet, chewy, and packed with flavor.
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Ingredients: Pears, Sunflower Oil

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Our Natural Diced California Pears come to us from local orchards, which are farmed using sustainable practices. We leave the golden-brown skins on these golden-fleshed fruits and cut them into approximate 3/8-inch pieces for easy use in your favorite recipes or just for healthier snacking any time. These pleasantly chewy, unsweetened fruits are gluten-free, GMO-free, unsweetened, unsulfured and are naturally low in calories. They’re a good source of dietary fiber and potassium, too. Feel good about tossing a handful in your morning cereal, make pear chutney to accompany a savory entrée or add them to muffins for a taste of California sunshine.

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