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Dried Blood Orange Slices

Dried Blood Orange Slices
Dried Orange Slices
Kosher Certified
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Our dried blood orange slices
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Ingredients: Oranges

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Dried Blood Orange Slices

Tangy, tart and completely edible, our Blood Oranges make a fun and healthy snack, an addition to a cup of tea or a showy component in fragrant potpourri any time of the year. When dried, the rinds are dark orange and the deep orange flesh is punctuated by dark red-orange color.  This surprisingly enjoyable fruit, grown in the warm California sun and completely additive-free, is an excellent source of vitamin C and contains dietary fiber and calcium. Try adding a couple of slices to your next batch of chicken or fish marinade with some fresh thyme, minced garlic, salt and pepper or place some slices in a jar, cover with olive oil and let the mixture infuse for a few days for use in salads, cooking or marinades. Get your imagination going and snack happily on these beauties.

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