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Natural Dried Persimmons

Natural Dried Persimmons

Natural Dried Persimmons 

Sustainably grown by our longtime grower-partner neighbor, our Natural Dried Persimmons are aromatic, spicy and sweet with warm notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. Their incredible magical flavor, beautiful rich amber-orange color and pleasantly chewy texture makes them a favorite of friends near and far. Embrace the naturally-occurring pretty little black spots, ‘cause they show where these fall fruits were lovingly kissed by the sun. We love our Hachiya variety of Persimmons because they are incredibly tasty, but experts at the American Heart Association give us even more reasons to make them part of our diets. Check out this article and see what they have to say. If you haven’t tried them yet, we invite you to open your world to this exquisite fruit. We’re sure you’ll come back for more!

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To the ancient Greek, persimmons are known as the "fruit of gods" and they are indeed a heaven sent snack. Sweet, chewy and down right delicious! Our persimmons are dried naturally without any preservatives or added sugar. A healthy snack you can enjoy straight out of the bag!
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Kosher Certified Ingredients: Persimmons
Allergen Statement: Packaged in a facility that packs tree nuts and dairy products.

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Customer Reviews

RN and Mom
I purchased a small bag of dried persimmons at Marshalls. My daughter and I were blown away at how delicious they were that I quickly placed an order for a 2 lb bag. Needless to say, they were gone in a few days and can't wait to order again soon. We are hooked! Thanks Bella Viva!
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Reviewed by:  from Fort Mill, SC on 3/19/2016
Amazingly delicious snack!!!
I am obsessed with persimmons. Winter season when they are in season, i eat pounds and pounds every day (I am a raw vegan)… I always got almost depressed when the season ended. Until I found Bella Viva and their dried persimmons. They are truly amazing. Each time I want to snack on something, dried persimmons are the solution. They are great with my morning coffee. They are amazing as after-meal snack. They are perfect for the evening "sweet tooth" feeling. They are delicious, healthy and make me truly pleased… I am not sure what I am going to do when Bella Viva runs out… besides the amazing product quality and taste, the entire experience with purchasing from Bella Viva is extraordinary. All the cute notes I get in my boxes feel so personal. I can tell that my persimmons were packed and sent to me with love. Thank you, Bella Viva! I am reordering pounds and pounds, monthly…
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Venice, CA on 8/15/2016
Great quality
I have bought these dried persimmons three times. The first time was just a pound, but the subsequent 2 purchases were for the 2 1/2# sizes. They are delicious. Make sure you don't keep them too long. They are real food.
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Reviewed by:  from Seattle, Washington on 12/25/2014
A good addiction
Outstanding and worth every penny!
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Reviewed by:  from North Carolina on 8/5/2016
My new addiction
I picked up a small bag of these at a local specialty store and fell in love. They are so tasty. A healthy snack for when I'm looking for something sweet. Such a great texture and not overly sweet. Fresh persimmons here are so expensive, and I actually prefer these. I went back to the store and purchased their last 4 bags. I've since ordered them twice off the website. My picky-eater boyfriend loves them as well, so I have to have a back up bag. Highly recommend and will order again and again!
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Reviewed by:  from Midwest on 8/27/2017
Dried Persimmon slices? Anytime!!
Well i picked a packet of these in well, TJ Maxx and i have to admit i had never heard of persimmons! Being a fruit, i said i would try. Well well, in short im ordering a box of these soon! Thanks for such a delightful treat!
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Reviewed by:  from Maryland on 2/24/2014
These are the greatest. I have started buying larger quantities because I have so many friends who can't wIt to get them as gifts. LOVE!
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Reviewed by:  from Hudson Ohio on 8/5/2016
This is the second time trying dried persimmon. The first was store bought organic with a chewy texture that had slightly more moisture than these natural dried persimmon. These natural dried persimmon are a great too. Very sweet with drier texture. My husband says he loves them over all the other natural dried fruit we bought from Bella Viva.
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Reviewed by:  from Hawaii on 8/25/2017
So wonderful in every way. So available when I want them daily, and to buy them in store's you have to wait until they ripen or when they do you need to eat the whole thing immediately or you've wasted your money! Love the ability to take a small piece and enjoy!
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Reviewed by:  from Indio on 10/27/2017
These Persimmons are great. This is the second time I have brought Bella Viva Dried Persimmons and both times enjoyed them as a side with lunch. I will definitely order more of these.
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Reviewed by:  from Arizona on 10/14/2017
Product: Natural Dried Persimmon Slices
Ingredients: Persimmons
Origin: California
Kosher Status:Kosher Certified by Kosher Certification Services
GMO Statement:This Product is 100% GMO Free
Process:Horizontal cut to accentuate the natural persimmon star center with skin. Dehydrator dried under a HACCP System in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices, local, state, and federal law rules and ordinances. 
Color:Range from bright orange to amber-orange, with black sub spots on the skin, typical of persimmons
Flavoring:Sweet, typical of dried persimmons, with no off flavor
Grading:End cut not to exceed 3%
Metal Detection:1.2 Ferrous, 1.5 Non Ferrous, 2.00 Stainless
Storage:This product does not require cold storage, however, shelf life is greatly increased with cold storage.
Shelf Life:At room temperature 70-78 F, 90 days. Cold Storage 32-40 F, 50% humidity, 365 days.
Case Pack: 8 oz, 2.5 lbs, 12 lbs