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Dried Jumbo Whole Prunes

Dried Jumbo Whole Prunes
Dried Whole Prunes
Kosher Certified
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These Jumbo Whole Prunes are deeply rich in color and texture, the Moyer prunes has quickly become a customer favorite since we introduced it a few years ago.
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Ingredients: Prunes, potassium sorbate

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California Jumbo Whole Prunes (with pit)

Our plump Dried Jumbo Whole Prunes are grown in our nearby orchards and harvested at their peak for sweet perfection in every bite. Prunes, also referred to as dried plums, can be found on celebrity chefs’ menus as easily as in your family’s everyday diet. We brought these Moyer Prunes to California after a visit to Oregon several years ago and we’re thrilled with the results! These GMO-free and fat-free fruits have enhanced plumpness due to the addition of potassium sorbate. Our Dried Jumbo Whole Prunes are a good source of vitamins A and B-6, niacin, vitamin K, and riboflavin.

A one cup serving also gives men 32 percent and women 48 percent of their daily requirement of dietary fiber.Prunes are also a source of zinc, copper and manganese. Because they’re so high in fiber, they’ll keep you feeling satisfied a long time! Try them in savory meat dishes, as a nutrient-packed breakfast addition or as a sweet and simple dessert. Your body will thank you..

These prunes are dried whole and contain the pit. Looking for dried prunes without the pit? Try our pitted prunes.

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