November’s Cornucopia: Giving Thanks for Our Bounty!

November’s Cornucopia: Giving Thanks for Our Bounty!

Cozy FireplaceThe days have arrived when we throw on our favorite sweaters at the end of the day, get a nice fire going and look back on this year with gratitude. This year, that’s quickly coming to a close, has been filled with heart-warming gatherings with family and friends, watching our family grow, celebrating a bountiful growing season and providing you – our dear customers – a great array of California-grown fruits and nuts. While the warm days of harvest are behind us, that time is replaced with getting ready for the holidays.

Yep, the season is upon us! Can you believe it?
Before we stroll over to our virtual cornucopia, we want to take a few moments to let you know how much we appreciate you. It’s because of you that we at Bella Viva Orchards do what we do. Because you crave beautiful fruits and nuts throughout the year, we are energized to continue growing, sourcing and drying beautiful fruits and nuts. It is our wish that you enjoy beautiful fruits, nuts and a beautiful life and we love being a part of it!

We really could go on forever to share how sincerely thankful we are for you. It’s from our hearts. Part of the way we express our gratitude is to bring out our best with every harvest – every year. Now that we’re celebrating the end of the season we head back to that cornucopia. This year, though the season came a bit later than usual, Mother Nature delivered and we are celebrating the bounty! One end-of-the-season crop, our Certified Organic Dried Persimmons, is grown by our next door neighbor and grower-partner.

Dried and Fresh Persimmon

These Persimmons are the quintessential autumn fruit, with their deep orangey-red hued flesh. For those of you who have enjoyed these fruits in the past, you know how tasty they are. If you haven’t tried them yet, we say this is a great time to do so! They’re packed with great nutrients and boast a host of health benefits. We suggest you enjoy them for these reasons – and because they have a naturally warm and spicy flavor – kind of like pumpkin spice. And these fruits contain absolutely no additives whatsoever. A win-win for you, wouldn’t you say?

Also tumbling out of that cornucopia right now are our Certified Organic Pecans! Hmm, they make nice partners for those Certified Organic Dried Persimmons, huh? These locally-grown nuts are the darlings of fall. Think about it: They make great anytime healthful snacks AND they make themselves at home in both sweet and savory meals. Think about getting your holiday baking groove on now with these pleasantly crunchy, tasty nuts that are completely GMO-free and additive-free.

Organic Pecans

To get you inspired to pick up a healthy supply of our Certified Organic Dried Persimmons, we’re offering them for a nice 25 percent off from now through the end of November. And to make life a little easier for you from now ‘til the end of the month, how ‘bout filling your pantry and holiday gift bags with our shelled Certified Organic Pecans for an incredible 50 percent off, or just $9.99 per pound! That’s a pinch-yourself heap of savings on autumnal flavor! Want to enjoy more treats that are brimming out of that cornucopia? Great, ‘cause this month, you’ll enjoy a nice 10 percent off Bella Viva Orchards’ Certified Organic Thompson Seedless Raisins, Dried Cranberries, Walnuts, Pepitas, Dried Cherries and (non-organic) gluten-free Almond Flour! They’re all just begging to be brought into your kitchen for healthful noshing, holiday baking and everyday recipes.

Bella Viva Old FashionedNeed a little inspo? Check out our e-cookbook for pages of recipes that are developed and tested for your enjoyment. Want to try an adult beverage? We’ve got that, too! Thanks to Dr. Gail S. from Mesa, Arizona, we now have a tasty but dangerous recipe for “The Bella Viva Old Fashioned,” featuring our Certified Organic Dried Orange Chips and Certified Organic Dried Cherries. Yes, it is super good and yes, it’s super potent, so we remind you to enjoy responsibly!
So grab your own comfy sweater, take a nice deep breath, reflect on your own gratitude from this year, maybe sip on that Bella Viva Old Fashioned and do some easy, low-stress shopping for this cornucopia of lovingly-grown fruits and nuts! We’re grateful for you, friends!
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