Plums (Prunes)

Bella Viva Dried Plums

You won't find these dried plums in your local grocery store. We grow and dry some of the best plums on the planet! Our not so typical prunes are dried from the fresh Moyer Plum resulting in a unique texture and flavor profile when compared to the more common French Prune found in stores and on the Internet. We also offer the delicious Dried Betty Anne Plum showcasing a vibrant red color and chewy texture. A truly unique flavor can be found in our Dried Pluots; a cross between an Apricot and a Plum.

Not Your Grandmother's Prunes

We are excited to redefine how people think of dried plums. To set the record straight, prunes are simply dried plums; however not all dried plums are considered prunes. The egg shaped prunes tend to have sweet flesh and skin; while the typical dried plum is more round or flat with a sweet flesh and a sour skin. We offer prunes, plums and if we haven't confused you enough, we offer dried pluots; a lovely combination of plums and apricots. Regarding prunes, we love the Moyer Plum because it is just a bit complicated. This particularly large variety is not grown widely throughout California, and is characterized by a sweet taste and a skin that gives it a touch of tang. Your first bite will reveal a pleasantly surprising texture, starting firm yet finishing smooth. The Moyer is contrasted by the more commonly known French prune; which can be described as more of a simple pleasure with its delicate texture, and sweet skin and flesh. Although it is a bit more challenging to produce a consistent crop with Moyer Plums, we feel the benefits pay off.

How are Prunes Harvested?

Bella Viva fresh plums are carefully selected at just the right time as they reach their peak in flavor. At this point, the flesh is intensely sweet and the skin is slightly tart, creating a full bodied and intense flavor profile. After selecting the very fruit, our plums are hand picked to ensure the fruit is handled with care to avoid bruising. Immediately after harvesting, our crimson beauties make their way to the dry yard to be pitted, or dried whole, resulting in the juiciest, most tasty prunes we have to offer.

Prunes - Did You Know?

Prunes are more than just a tasty treat, medical research has pointed to the possibility of their role in reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Of the many different dried fruits tested by a 2013 study, published in the Public Library of Science, prunes were shown "to have an anabolic effect on trabecular bone in the vertebra and prevent bone loss in the tibia." Basically, prunes led to improved mineral density of both whole body and spinal bones. A study from the American College of Nutrition also found that although hormone replacement therapy is the most effect treatment, prunes and flaxseeds could be used as a natural remedy for reducing the risk of osteoporosis. This is thanks to their rich source of polyphenols.