Bella Viva Manufacturing

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Our Mission

Enhance the human experience through creating choices in the marketplace that are honestly nutritious, flavorful, visually pleasing, and socially and environmentally just.

Our mission is our passion. While working to provide quality fruit products for our customers, we lighten the waste load on our environment and help feed the hungry worldwide. 

With California’s Central Valley being the world’s most prolific agricultural region, it is important we work hard to reduce food waste. Much of the fruits we dry are rescue produce–our rescued fruits would have been deemed too ripe or not aesthetically pleasing for the grocery store. While we can’t save all the fruit, our proprietary process enables us to rescue as much perfectly sweet, flavorful, and nutritious fruit as we can to make our wonderful dried fruits.

Our passion extends beyond our local environment, impacting lives globally. We donate food to over 100 organizations, including Gleanings for the Hungry, providing global disaster relief and feeding undernourished communities.