A Healthy Mix for You: Certified Organic Raw Nuts

A Healthy Mix for You: Certified Organic Raw Nuts

Do you ever have an afternoon craving that you want to satisfy but with much less guilt than sugary or salty snacks? Are you looking for a refreshing mix of textures and tastes to add to your morning oatmeal, charcuterie board or just to have on hand for noshing when you settle in to watch a movie? Do you want to put foods into your body that scream quality and great nutrition? Do you want to reward yourself with unprocessed, clean Certified Organic foods? If for even a moment you thought “yes,” then you’ve come to the right place!

We recently introduced our new Certified Organic Mixed Raw Nuts blend and to say that they are rapidly becoming a customer favorite is just being modest. This blend is made up of all-raw, GMO-free Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Pecans and Pistachio kernels. While you can do all kinds of research to justify tearing open a bag or two of this healthy mix, we’ll just say they make a good, honest, raw, healthy addition to your diet.

While this mix makes an outstanding snack, with this month’s savings you might want to crack open some cookbooks to find creative new ways to add them to your meals and appetizer spreads. Because we want to continue celebrating the release of this mixture, from now through the end of April we’re offering our Certified Organic Raw Mixed Nuts for a nice 25 percent off, or just $14.99 per pound. While you’re enjoying the savings, take advantage of the other great offers we just listed above and you’ll have quite the healthy deal going on in your world!

Enjoy stocking up with a clear conscience and celebrate some of the good things in life!


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