Adore Your Apples: Absolutely Organic

Adore Your Apples: Absolutely Organic

Organic Sweet Apples Let yourself drift back to the days when you would give your favorite teachers Apples. Yikes, maybe you don’t remember. No worries, most of us don’t either! So how about the old saying, “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away?”


Regardless of whether you remember that old saying, there’s some truth to it. If you don’t remember that saying, we’ll give you a hall pass (ha ha). If you think we’re ancient for bringing up these old customs and sayings, get this: According to Apple lore, traces of these fruits date back to 8,000 BC where they are said to have been found around the “fertile crescent” in the area of the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates rivers. According to that same lore, by around 323 BC, six varieties were identified. Wow, right!? There’s so much Apple history and lore that’s documented that we may have a hard time imagining the evolution of this ubiquitous fruit. Fast forward to today: Thanks to centuries of agricultural practices, our world now enjoys around 7,500 varieties of Apples, with about 100 of those varieties grown commercially in the United States. 

We’re fortunate to have many varieties of Apple grown right here in California’s Central Valley. And the Apples that we source from our grower-partner in nearby Linden, California, are Certified Organic! Got to love it! Speaking of history, the Apples that come from this family were certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) in the early 1980’s and were among the first Apples in the San Joaquin Valley to earn this designation. Hmm…1980’s…we hope there are enough of you to remember that year!

Remember last month when we talked about “rescued fruit?” We are proud to be good stewards of our environment and resources by “rescuing” these Apples. They’re every bit as healthy and nutritious as the supermodel fruits that make their way to the supermarket. They just don’t possess the flawless beauty that is demanded by large supermarkets. By using these cosmetically-imperfect fruits, we are being mindful of the water (up to 400 gallons for every dry pound rescued) and all the other resources required to grow them that were saved. 

So be proud of yourself for being part of the Organic foods movement. Be proud of yourself for enjoying “rescued” fruit. And be proud of yourself for looking out for your own health. To celebrate these beautiful fruits with ancient roots, we’re offering our Certified Organic Dried Sweet Apples for 20 percent off this month. That’s just $13.60 per one-pound bag! Now, that’s enticing enough to pick up an extra bag for each of the kiddos’ teachers, huh?! So read up on your Apple history, get hungry and stock up!


Organic Sweet Dried Apples
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