Apples, Sweet Apples: A Local Love Story

Apples, Sweet Apples: A Local Love Story

When you think about fruits that are grown in the Central Valley, you’re probably imagining Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Grapes, Apples and…! Wait, what the? Apples? Yes, you read it correctly. It’s a little-known fact that some of the most delicious Apples are grown around the California Delta and Linden areas. That’s literally right up the road from us!

Because it’s not a crop that takes up the same kind of area that Almonds do, it may not occur to you that many varieties of Apple thrive in this area. We’re talking about varieties such as juicy Fujis, Granny Smiths and Galas. They just love the fertile soil and climate in this area. You know we’re all about keeping it local whenever possible. And we do! We can do it the majority of the time, and when our local supply isn’t quite enough, we may bring in Apples from as far away as Washington state, which is well-known for its Apples. Luckily for all of us, this year we’re able to keep it totally local!

Now that Fall is upon us, it’s a natural time to think of cooler days, breaking those sweaters out of storage and kicking back with some Apples. And we make it easy for you! You don’t have to drive to the farmers market, grocery store or even our country store, unless you want to, that is. You can easily order them right here, right now so you can tear into a bag of our Dried Sweet Apples or any of our other Apple products to satisfy that craving any time of the day. They’re easy to tuck into your knapsack, the kids’ lunch bags or your gym bag. We’re all about their sweetness, their great texture and their fun-to-eat qualities, but experts such as these guys  tout their health benefits. We do think they’re a healthier way to snack. Or if you want to stock up on them before the holiday season hits, now’s a great time to do so. Besides being a fun snack, they make a perfect addition to hot apple cider, a winter simmering potpourri and even holiday décor!

Make it a healthier and sweeter Fall by getting those Dried Sweet Apples into your home. Back to that online convenience, now’s the perfect time to stock up, ‘cause they are this month’s web special! Pick up any quantity of our Dried Sweet Apples 1 pound bags for a cool 25 percent off. You can also order any of our other Apple products for 10 percent off. And there’s no minimum purchase! On any of it!

Treat yourself, your family, your friends and the kids’ teachers to beautiful Dried Apples and you can feel good about going local, being health-conscious and saving while you shop! Now put on your favorite sweater, dive into a bag of Dried Sweet Apples and enjoy all that Fall has to offer, everyone!

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