Autumn and Apples: Celebrate the Season!

Autumn and Apples: Celebrate the Season!

The kiddos are back in school, the days are growing shorter and you’re already thinking about which of your favorite sweaters you’ll wear first when the weather cools off. Yes, autumn is on the horizon. Savor the thought for a moment. Leaves are turning red and gold, pumpkins are ripening in the fields, you’re watching your favorite baseball and football teams, firewood is stacked and ready for those cold nights ahead and your mind is turning to good and healthy seasonal eats. And when you think of those healthy eats, we’ll bet you’re thinking of Apples, too! Do we hear a big YES? Good! Apples are the sweethearts of autumn and we say it’s time to celebrate them by pulling out a nice bag or so of Bella Viva Orchards’ Certified Organic Dried Sweet Apples!

When you think of where Apples are grown, chances are you first think of Washington state. That’s okay, but did you know that many varieties of Apples grow well in California’s Central Valley? That’s right! We’re proud to source our Certified Organic Apples from our trusted grower-partners in nearby Linden, California. We’re excited that they’re Organic, they’re local and they’re grown by great people whose farming philosophies and family values align with ours. 

If you’re an Organic purist, a casual Organics fan or just want great-quality Dried Fruits in your diet, our Certified Organic Dried Sweet Apple are worth checking out! And it’s no surprise that they’re good for you, too. You know the drill: Do an online search and you’ll find loads of reasons to make sure you get some into your life. Of course, while they’re perfect eats for autumn, because they’re dried, you can enjoy them any time of the year!

We want you to enjoy our Certified Organic Dried Sweet Apples so much that we’re offering them as this month’s web special. Buy any quantity for just $14.99 per one-pound bag. That’s 20 percent off for those of you who were just about to pull out your calculators! Want to enjoy any of our other varieties? We support that goal, so we’re offering all other Bella Viva Orchards’ Apple products at 10 percent off per one-pound bag. These are such great deals that you’ll want to stock up for your family, your friends and to give as gifts to your favorite teachers. Now have you decided which sweater you’ll wear first? Whichever one it is, be sure to have a bag of our Dried Apples at the ready!

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