BellaViva Organic Mixed Dried Fruit

Awesome October: Time to Mix it Up!

With the busiest days of our 2023 harvest season behind us we’re taking some time to reflect on how grateful we are for our family and our business. We also feel immense gratitude for another good growing season, that remarkable rain that filled our reservoirs and fed our water table, for the warm California sunshine that nourishes our crops - and for truly valued customers like you. We also feel thankful for the Bella Viva Orchards team that works so hard throughout the year so we can offer you so many healthful products. There’s just so much to appreciate!

BellaViva Orchards Organic Mixed Dried FruitAs we celebrate this year’s bounty, we also think about all the products that make up Bella Viva Orchards’ cornucopia. It’s quite a mixture and we’re proud of every product on our shelves. We’re thankful to keep things fresh and new while continuing to offer those perennial favorites that you look for throughout the year. Speaking of new and fresh things, we want you to know we are listening to you. Because you told us what you want, we came up with a new product that we think you’re going to love: It’s our NEW Certified Organic Mixed Dried Fruit. Yes, it’s delicious and yes, it’s new. And to make it extra special, we’re proud that it contains plump Prunes and Apricots that are grown in the Martino family’s estate orchard, Peaches from our own orchard and Pears and Apples from nearby farms. It’s perfect to give as a gift or to keep in your cabinet for a pure and natural anytime treat. Or you could pack it in your gym bag, keep in your desk at work or add it to the kiddos’ lunch boxes. Which makes us want to ask you…what do you want in YOUR lunch box!?

Let us help by making some healthful and tasty suggestions. How about mixing it up with organics? It’s easy! We’re talking about a nice variety of all Certified Organic fruits and nuts that will rock your taste buds and your body.

To celebrate our 2023 harvest season and to introduce our exciting NEW Certified Organic Mixed Dried Fruit, we invite you to pick up any quantity of this new mixture from now through the end of October for 25 percent off. That’s just $12.75 per pound of honest goodness! And to entice you to fill up YOUR lunch box, we’re offering our Certified Organic Dried Pineapple Rings, Certified Organic Macadamia Nuts (Raw), Certified Organic Dried Black Figs, Certified Organic Thompson Seedless Raisins, Certified Organic Dried Sweet Apples and Certified Organic Pecans (Shelled) ALL for 10 percent off ANY quantity.

Angela's Spiced Apple Cider We recommend that you grab extra Apples so you can make a batch or two of a fall Martino family favorite, Angela’s Spiced Apple Cider. We say mix it up! While you’re at it, we invite you to kick back and reflect on the good things in your life. Happy fall, happy cider-sipping and happy eating, friends!
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