Bright New Year Bites: Orange Chips

Bright New Year Bites: Orange Chips

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope that warm thoughts of the holiday season spent with family and friends linger on. As you look ahead to a fresh new year we invite you to think of ways to be kind to yourself. Right now, part of being kind to yourself may include getting outside, breathing in that brisk winter air and setting some healthy goals for 2023. You may challenge yourself to practice mindfulness more often, spend more time with your far-away family and friends and hopefully to make – or keep – a healthy lifestyle a high priority. Part of that healthy lifestyle includes a good-for-you diet! We’re just here to remind you. And to make it easier for you to get good food into your body by offering lots of great Dried Fruits and Nuts, including our nutrition-packed, sunshiny Orange Chips.

If you’re familiar with California’s Central Valley, you know how beautiful the orange groves are right now. The deep, bright colors of this sweet winter fruit punctuate the dark green foliage. It’s a sight to see and a treat for those who can visit the area this time of year. On those trees are fruits that are chock-full of sweetness and nutrition. Because they’re on the trees right now, it’s easy to think of them as a great dietary addition, but thanks to our proprietary drying method, you can enjoy them anytime of the year.

Another reason for you to enjoy them is to know that our Oranges are grown right around the corner from us. They’re about as local as it gets! And we are very proud to refer to them as “rescued fruits,” meaning that they may not be supermodels when it comes to appearance, so they don’t make their way to the supermarket produce aisles. But to us, they are magnificent and beautiful. Making responsible and caring use of these slightly aesthetically-challenged fruits means that water, fuel and other precious resources are saved. How’s that, you may ask? Think about it this way: It takes up to 400 gallons of water to produce one pound of Dried Oranges. If those less than perfect oranges were discarded, all that water would have been used for naught. Also think of all the other resources like the fertilizer, diesel for all the tractor work and delivering them to the packing shed, plus all the labor to care for and harvest them…all wasted if those perfectly imperfect oranges are tossed out. By enjoying our Dried Oranges you are helping us save all of the resources used to grow and harvest those nutritious golden globes of sunshine. We want to talk more about this as time goes on because we are very passionate about good environmental stewardship. But we’ll leave it as this for the moment: If you were to go out to your own orange tree and pick a fruit you may detect a slight scar or lopsided-ness to it. You’d still eat it, right? We believe so. And you’d be right to do it.

If the thought of bringing super-healthy, Vitamin C packed Oranges into your diet makes you hungry, or if you want to do your part to help the environment, we invite you to take advantage of this month’s web special for Orange Chips. Through the end of this month, we’re offering them for 20 percent off, or just $11.99 per one-pound bag. That’s 20 percent of respect for the planet, yourself and your pocketbook!

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