Certified Organic Pecans: Loved by Dads and Non-Dads Alike!

Certified Organic Pecans: Loved by Dads and Non-Dads Alike!

Pecans. Shelled, easy to eat and a favorite of dads everywhere. Not a dad? Not to worry, the Certified Organic Pecan appreciation club has room for everyone!

Bella Viva Orchards’ Certified Organic Pecans are super nutritious. So nutritious that Dad might now know or care how healthful they are. You be the judge about telling him they’re good for him or just let him think of them as a crave-worthy snack! And crave-worthy they are. How ‘bout having a nice bowl of them on hand while watching your favorite sports on TV? Or pack a nice portion of them in your knapsack and get outdoors with ‘em. Or, to guild the lily, try mixing them with our Certified Organic Dried Cherries and you’ll be astounded at the flavors and textures! (We’re sure you noticed that these Cherries are on special this month, right?! You’re so sharp!)

History buffs might appreciate knowing that Pecans originated as a wild species found mainly throughout the American South and south central regions and Mexico. They are truly an all-American nut! From their wild origins to today’s commercially-produced Pecans, they’ve come a long way. Today, California is among the 15 top Pecan producing states in the United States. While we love Pecans from anywhere, we’re happy to source our Pecans from partners in California, so we’re keeping it local…relatively.

Back to deciding whether to tell Dad how healthy these snacks, er…nuts are. Experts tell us that having a Pecan-rich diet can be linked to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. This is just one of many scientifically-based studies on Pecans. There are so many studies out there that we say if you want to read up and become a true expert, go for it! We say it’s great that they’re healthy and that scientists give us the green light for enjoying them, but back to the concept that they’re just so good is enough reason to have them on the table or in that snack bowl.

We say now’s a great time to indulge your taste buds, make Dad happy and give your wallet a break. You got it: Our Certified Organic Pecans (shelled) are on special this month for a whopping 35 percent off! That’s an impressive $12.99 per pound of pure snacking, baking, cooking, experimenting joy! So read up, stock up and get yourself some super tasty and super nutritious Certified Organic Pecans!

Happy noshing and happy Father’s Day celebrations to all, friends!

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