Certified Organic Raw Almonds: We Heart Them!

Certified Organic Raw Almonds: We Heart Them!

Our part of Central California is often referred to as “Almond Country.” And rightfully so! Over the past decades, more and more farmland has been used to grow this popular crop. Almonds are among our state’s top four agricultural commodities, and number one on the list for top exported commodities in 2022.

Organic Almond Orchard California Grown Organic Almonds Just Down The Road From Us

Here in Stanislaus county, we can also boast about having Certified Organic Almonds listed as the second highest ranking organic crop produced in 2021-2022 in California! While Almonds are a top export, don’t worry health-minded friends, there are still plenty to go around! 

Almond Nutrition Facts A nice big volume to publish in crop reports has its place, but one of the things we love about our Almonds is that they are considered to be a nutrition superfood! They’re packed with antioxidants and multiple nutrients, such as magnesium, calcium, iron and folate and are a source of healthy fats, according to experts. The same experts tell us that having Almonds in your diet can help boost gut health and promote heart health. What’s not to love about that, right?! Besides being pretty darned superior when it comes to health benefits, we love that our Almonds are grown down the country road from us, so the carbon footprint they leave is minimal.

Whether you enjoy them just as they are in their glorious perfection or if you like to get creative with ‘em, now’s the time to grab some! From now through the end of this month, we’re offering our Certified Organic Raw Almonds at 25 percent off, or just $11.62 per pound. That might inspire you to search for new ways to use them in veggies and salads, baked goods, pesto (yes, that’s right), or chopped and used as a crunchy, yummy and nutritious topping for baked fish. The possibilities go on for miles, like the Almond acreage around here.

Enjoy the savings, congratulate yourself for making healthy choices, join us in loving our earth by reducing our carbon footprint, and get ready for some downright tasty, fun and satisfying eating, friends!


California Grown Certified Organic Almonds From Bella Viva

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