Green and Lean: Organic Pistachios to the Rescue!

Green and Lean: Organic Pistachios to the Rescue!

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March means many things: It’s the beginning of Spring, it’s time for March Madness and it’s the month when many of us celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and all things green. Yeah, go ahead and mine your closet for any clothes that are green.

It’s even better if they don’t match – on St. Patrick’s Day, that is. When it comes to food, it’s almost a no-brainer. Just look around and you can find countless ways of adding green things – even healthier green things – to your diet. Whether you’re out taking a hike or bike ride, or you’ve got a house full of friends at home in front of the TV to root on your favorite basketball teams, we say it’s a perfect time to break out those naturally green Pistachios? Check! Healthier than many other sports events snacks? Double check! Super fun to eat and great for enjoying any time of the year? Triple check!


Pistachio Meats

About being fun to eat: Our Roasted Salted Pistachios are super plump and are completely free of dyes. They’re roasted to perfection and salted to give you an admittedly addictive snack experience. We can’t get enough of them and trust you feel the same way. Think of them as a snacker’s slam dunk! About their history: This nut, actually SEED, is a native of Central Asia, including present-day Iran and Afghanistan. Pistachio trees were introduced to California in the mid 1800’s as a garden tree. It was in the 1970’s when Pistachios were commercially grown in California. Today, the United States leads the world’s production of Pistachios, followed by Turkey, Iran, China and Syria. We’ve become so good at growing those seeds that we don’t need to import them anymore, so yay for the United States! What we’re proud of is that people with discerning palates have grown to love Pistachios so much that no funky dyes are requested. You can enjoy them with their gorgeous green meats and stout creamy-colored shells and be totally fine with it. We imagine you’re among those enlightened Pistachio fans so bend your arm around that basketball team jersey and give yourself a healthy pat on your back!

Okay, now that you can boast some historic knowledge of Pistachios when your basketball fan friends come over, we’re giving you another reason to really fill that bowl up! From now through the end of this month, we’re offering our lean, green Roasted Salted Pistachios at a nice 25 percent off. That’s just $8.99 per pound of sheer snacking bliss! While we’re feeling the healthier snacking love, we’re also offering some more goodies at fun prices: Through the lucky month of March, stock up on our Certified Organic Roasted, Salted Pistachios for 11 percent off, or just $14.99 per pound and our Raw Almonds for 10 percent off, or just $7.49 per one-pound bag. We just gave you some reasons to score on amazing California-grown Pistachios and their Almond friends!

Enjoy this month as the days grow longer, the trees fill out with their beautiful fruits and nuts, and great eats are yours while you save some green!

Roasted Salted Pistachios March Special


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