Hit the Trail: Organic Trail Mix, That Is!

Hit the Trail: Organic Trail Mix, That Is!

As the days grow shorter and cooler, we say it’s a great time to grab a cozy sweater and go outdoors to see what Mother Nature has to offer. Get into the country for a nice walk and take in the changes of the trees as they turn from green to deep red and gold. Check out the fields that are ready for a rest after their green crops have been harvested. Take in the fragrance of freshly-chopped wood where old fruit and nut trees are retiring and making way for new plantings. As you feel the cool nip of autumn in the air, harvest time is being celebrated with festivals for the family, scarecrows and pumpkins on front porches and anticipation of the holiday season to come. We think autumn is a glorious time ‘round here and if you are familiar with this area, we’ll bet you feel the same way.

Back to that walk. You’re bound to get hungry while you’re out exploring and observing, right?! You want something that’s satisfying, crunchy, naturally sweet, healthful and not too messy. Enter Bella Viva Orchards’ Certified Organic Trail Mix. It’s made up of a delightful new mixture of all Certified Organic fruits and nuts: Turkish Apricots; our own prized estate-grown Prunes; local Thompson Seedless Raisins, Raw Almonds, Walnuts and Blueberries; and incredibly sweet and plump whole Strawberries. One reason we’re so excited about this batch of Certified Organic Trail Mix is that we pretty much used up every single Certified Organic Strawberry that we sourced from our trusted grower-partner in Santa Maria on California’s Central Coast and we’ve been eagerly anticipating our new delivery. Well, happily for you AND for us, those Strawberries have arrived and we’ve been busy mixing and packing them for your snacking pleasure.

It’s great if you can get out for that country walk, but you know you can pick up a bag of this exciting new Trail Mix no matter what your plans for autumn may be. Yes, it’s a great time of the year to get out and appreciate the changing season, but if you’re a city dweller or just may not get out to commune with nature right now, you can still celebrate the arrival of those Strawberries and their fruity, nutty cohorts by tearing open a fresh bag of this tasty mixture! Once you have a taste, we’re sure you’ll want to stock up. What? Stock up?! Yes! Now’s a great time to do so, ‘cause we’re offering our Certified Organic Trail Mix as October’s web special. Pick up as much as you want to for just $12.00 per one-pound bag. To some of you it may not sound like a cheap way to go, but when you think of the quality in every bite, it’s a very cool 20 percent off!

So we say get out your favorite sweater, revel in Mother Nature’s beauty and enjoy every incredible bite of Bella Viva Orchards’ new blend of Certified Organic Trail Mix at a nice savings. Hitting the trail is optional but recommended. Happy fall, friends!

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