June Boon: Time for Amazing Apricots!

June Boon: Time for Amazing Apricots!

We never get tired of celebrating Apricots. You know they’re highly raise-worthy year-round, but we just HAVE TO talk about them right now, ‘cause they’re bending the branches of their trees with their flawless, sweet, rosy-golden fruits and telling us they’re getting ready for harvest. The trees that have provided loving support to these fruits and have done their work for the season. Now they’re ready to deliver their fruit to us and take a breather before starting again.

Apricots love growing here in the Central Valley. The fertile soil, warm and sunny days and water that comes from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to our east are all major factors in why they thrive here. We thank Mother Nature for making this such a hospitable location for growing these fruits. It’s also because of what we do to make them extra amazing. When the fruits are very young at the beginning of the season, we go through our orchards and thin up to 90 percent of the fruitlets. This is done by hand by trained specialists. No machines involved. This may seem like a huge sacrifice, but what happens is the remaining fruits get the best exposure to the sun and are allowed to develop their optimal size and sweetness. Getting in the mood to spend a morning in one of our orchards? C’mon, let’s go.

Imagine being in one of our orchards on harvest days. Let’s say you’re in our Certified Organic California Apricot orchard on land that’s been in our family since 1943. It’s about five minutes from our drying yards. It’s early in the morning, it’s very warm already and it’s very quiet. In a beautiful, dreamy way. If you’re looking for a place to be still, to deeply breathe and to take in the splendor of a summer morning, this is the place! Just about all you’ll hear are the sounds of branches and leaves gently moving as the workers’ deft hands pluck the fruit from the trees, the singing of nearby birds and the occasional revving of our little tractor engine. It’s very quiet because we hand-harvest these fruits – yes, that means no machinery except for that little tractor that gently carts the bounty away to our drying yards. Apricot harvest usually takes place over several days, which allows our harvest specialists to specifically select the fruits that will come off the trees. Nothing automated here. Just personal, thoughtful attention to making sure that every piece of fruit that is picked is nothing short of spectacular. Breathe in. Notice the warm air filled with sweet aromas of Apricots. Close your eyes and exhale with peace and bliss. Glad you came on this imaginary visit.

So, we mentioned our Certified Organic California Apricots, which are especially close to our hearts because they’re grown on land where we Martino kids all grew up. Our family house is still there by the old fig tree close to our Certified Organic California Apricot and Certified Organic Prune orchards. It took many years to ready this land to earn the Certified Organic designation and we never tire of celebrating every beautiful piece of fruit that is grown on this land.

We love all of our Apricots for countless reasons. It’s kind of like having a house full of kids and finding it impossible to have a favorite. Organic or not, they are all beautiful and have different characteristics – some more pronounced and others more nuanced. If you’re looking for earthy and slightly tangy with no additives whatsoever, check out our Certified Organic California Apricots. If you’re cooking or snacking and want all the flavor but aren’t as particular about fruits that are super-uniform in size and shape, give our Dried Slab Apricots. Our plump, vividly-colored and sweet Dried Tangy Apricots are also grown on land that our family has owned since 1943. We could get in a frenzy and go on and on about each of our varieties of Apricot – we offer over 10 varieties - but we trust that you’ll find the ones that are bound for your home by checking out the Apricot section on our website.

If that imaginary visit to our Apricot orchard inspired you and you’re ready to join in celebrating this year’s Apricot harvest, then shop with abandon and give your wallet a break, ‘cause we’re offering our Certified Organic California Apricots for 25 percent off this month. That’s Just $14.99 per one-pound bag. And all the rest of our Apricot products, including the baking-ready Diced Tangy California Apricots, are on special at a nice 10 percent off. We think that’s a pretty nice value, given the attention and painstaking care that we give to offering you these very fine fruits. So dream of warm summer mornings in that fragrant Apricot orchard, let your mouth water for sweet healthful goodness and stock up. Happy summer and happy Apricot harvest, friends!

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