May Harvest: Blueberries and Cherries Are Here!

 May Harvest: Blueberries and Cherries Are Here!

This year in the Central Valley, spring quickly turned to summer, then decided to turn back to winter – complete with some cool rain showers - then back to spring. It was a bit of a ride as we went from sweaters to tee shirts and shorts to down vests then getting out those tee shirts again. All the while, the Blueberries patiently waited on their bushes and the Cherries white-knuckled it on their trees as they waited out the unusual weather patterns.

Thankfully for Blueberries, they like a little rain, as long as they don’t get waterlogged. What water this season’s light rains produced was slurped up by the bushes and converted to super nutritional flavor-packed berries. Yay! Now Cherries on the other hand are more sensitive to the fluctuating weather. They’d prefer to bask in the spring sunshine on their trees without any jolts of cold, wet weather. They like a nice, smooth season to be at their best. Fortunately for us at Bella Viva Orchards, the quality of our Dried Blueberries and Dried Cherries is not impacted by any slight cosmetic imperfections that may have occurred as a result of this year’s snap of unusual weather. They’re every bit as pretty, flavorful and nutritious as ever. Wacky weather aside, we embrace this time of year when our beautiful Blueberries and Cherries are harvested. Funny how these fruits endure sometimes suspenseful times to show up in all their glory at harvest time.

For you, Blueberries may be synonymous with late springtime. We trust you have your favorite ways of enjoying them, and we hope that Dried Blueberries are among your favorites. Dried Blueberries can be enjoyed year-round so you don’t have to try to consume a year’s worth of Blueberries in one sitting, which you know would be extremely unadvisable. Because you are likely a nutrition-savvy reader, we don’t need to remind you of the countless health benefits and nutritional values of this fruit, but you can certainly pull up your search engine of choice and a truckload of results will spill out of your device!

And Cherries. You probably consider them to be among the first fruits to signal the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Take a few moments to imagine yourself on your porch on a lazy afternoon. It’s perfectly sunny and warm and you’ve got a nice big bowl of fresh or Dried Cherries on your lap. As you close your eyes and breathe in you taste their plump sweetness and you feel your taste buds thanking you for choosing this nutritious fruit as your snack. Sure, you can easily enjoy your Cherries on your porch, but they’re also just as notable when you add them to a meal or enjoy them while you’re on the go. And besides knowing your taste buds are happy, your body will appreciate them, too. Besides being the best late-spring treat, studies by experts such as these give us a multitude of reasons for adding them to your diet.

We’d like to share our love for these fruits and celebrate this year’s harvest of these two loveable fruits by offering you web specials on our Certified Organic Dried Blueberries at 25 percent off, or $25 per-one pound bag and Natural Dried Cherries at 25 percent off, or $10 per one-pound bag. Hello harvest, hello savings and hello healthier eating to you! Porch time optional but highly recommended.

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