Organic Cherries: A Jubilant Addition to your Day!

Organic Cherries: A Jubilant Addition to your Day!

May’s a busy time ‘round here, with the season’s early fruits being harvested. Among those early harvests are our Certified Organic Cherries. We invite you to take a moment to imagine being in the middle of a lush Cherry orchard watching these beautiful orbs being plucked from the trees just as their sugars reach that perfect level. Does it make you feel jubilant? Good! We hope so. They’re incredible. They’re organic. They smell heavenly in our drying yard. And they’re ready for you to enjoy right this moment. Now, that’s what it’s all about!

These deep purple fruits are from grower-partners who align with our values for sustainable farming. There’s absolutely nothing added except California sunshine and our loving drying practices. Our deeply-hued Certified Organic Cherries are the perfect answer for the purist who is looking for something that’s absolutely real, tasty and healthful.

Cherries make a sweet and fun addition to your diet. While the fresh ones may make a brief appearance each year at your local farmers market or in your supermarket, it’s a big plus to have access to dried ones throughout the year. They’re great to enjoy as a healthier snack and they’re a versatile addition to your breakfast meal, home-made fruit and nut noshing mix, scones and pancakes and even dinner. And yes, cookies, of course! While we love our Certified Organic Cherries, we happily celebrate all of our Cherries. We love them simply for their flavor, their texture and their quality, but experts take it a few steps further by singing their praises. Check out what the folks at Medical News Today have to say about these pleasantly chubby little fruits. While you may want to enjoy them more often due to their potential health benefits, we say they’re great even without these published scientific studies.

If reading about our Certified Organic Dried Cherries has left you jubilant – or even just close to it – you’ll be even more happy to know that through the month of May, as this month’s web special, if you buy two or more one pound bags you’ll get 25 percent off! If you do your math, you’ll see that this means just $12.99 per pound! And health-minded bargain hunters will also appreciate receiving 10 percent off our Natural Dried Cherries, Natural Dried Rainier Cherries and sugar infused Dried Tart Cherries throughout the rest of this month. So give in to your cravings and enjoy the perks of being a web newsletter subscriber. Happy May and happy Cherry eating, our friends!

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