Organic Peaches: Our Estate Jewels

Organic Peaches: Our Estate Jewels

Over the last couple of weeks, our Certified Organic Peach orchard has been bustling with activity. Thanks in part to an unseasonable warm streak in February, the trees took the cue from Mother Nature and got busy producing lots – and lots – of blossoms. In turn, our busy honey bee friends took note and have been coming by for pollination parties. The sweet, soft aromas of the flowers are filling the air and we can’t help but feel excited when we think about what’s to come: Big, luscious, exceptionally sweet Certified Organic Peaches. What makes this story even better is that these beautiful treasures are grown in an estate orchard that’s been in our family since 1987. Over the decades, we’ve put a lot of love and care into making this orchard a very happy place for our Certified Organic Peaches to grow. And we have to say, these Peaches have been very happy year after year!

Beyond lots of love and care, another big part of what makes Peaches – like all fruits – grow is water. Now before we get into talking about the water situation in California’s Central Valley, we have to say that part of what makes this such an ideal fruit and nut growing area is our Mediterranean-like climate. Think about it: Long, warm, sunny days for a good part of the year. Fertile soil. Water that flows from the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range to our east. Along with that beautiful climate comes fluctuations in wet years and dry years. And where we stand right now is at a pivot point. Thanks to a good amount of precipitation late in 2021, we enjoyed a short period when we actually had a bit of a surplus. That was until January and February rainfalls didn’t produce the needed precipitation to keep it that way, so now we find that we are in a drought. Still or again. So, it’s upon all of us to be good stewards of what water we have, even in wetter years. We’re mindful of our water situation on an ongoing basis and take measures to be careful with how we utilize it. We need that water to grow that amazing, sweet California fruit that we all love and want to offer for generations to come.

Yikes, did we go a bit deep into that subject or what!? We felt we had to touch on this subject, even though it may not be the most fun part of the fruit-growing story. So thanks for hanging in there! Now let’s get into celebrating those Certified Organic Peach Slices!

If you didn’t need your eyes to be open to read this (LOL), we’d invite you to close your eyes, lean back and imagine walking through our estate Certified Organic Peach orchard on a warm summer morning. The trees are heavy with ripe fruit that’s prime for harvesting and when you breathe in you might think you were in the middle of a Peach pie. Now imagine picking an enormous, juicy, incredibly sweet and fragrant Peach off one of those trees. Let your imagination continue as you bite into that Peach. The flavor and texture will probably render you speechless. It’ll put a smile on your face and require you to run through the sprinkler to mop up afterwards. That’s definitely one of the best parts of summertime ‘round here!

The good news for you is it doesn’t need to be summertime to enjoy our Peaches. Thanks to drying practices that have taken generations to perfect, you can gorge on our Certified Organic Peach Slices whenever you feel like it. Yes friends, even in March! To bring the sweet joy of summertime to your late winter days, we invite you to take advantage of this month’s web special. Purchase any quantity of our Certified Organic Peach Slices now through the end of this month and you’ll get 25 percent off. That means you’ll pay only $12.75 per one-pound bag. So while you’re kicking back, thinking of eating that big imaginary Peach and drooling, make that easy online order and stock up on summertime goodness today!

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