Organic Persimmons: Winter’s Warm Flavor Bombs!

Organic Persimmons: Winter’s Warm Flavor Bombs!

If you’ve eaten our Organic Persimmons, what we’re about to say about their flavor and texture will come as no surprise. If you HAVEN’T yet tried them, we’d say it’s time to bust a move and open your world to the aromatic, spicy-sweet magic of our Organic Persimmons.

Our Organic Persimmons are the acorn-shaped Hichiya variety. When fresh and ripe, they’re generous in size and pulpy and when they’re dried – all we can say is WOW! They’re neat to eat – no knives or spoons required, friends – and their natural warm cinnamon-nutmeg-allspice flavors come through in the most delightful of ways.

Our Organic Persimmons are locally-grown. Some are grown right next door to us and the remainder come to us from our friends at Twin Girls Farms, a family-owned and operated farm just south of us in the Fresno area. At Twin Girls Farms, they use organic methods to build their soil, control weeds and fend off insects that are harmful to fruit trees. We partner with them because our farming practices and values are very compatible with ours. Plus, we love organics. While the flavor and nutritional benefits between “conventional” and organics are said to be comparable, we say if we have a choice, we’ll pass on the pesticides, thank you.

Lots of experts sing the praises of Persimmons. In fact, the American Heart Association recently published this article that would motivate us to make them a more regular part of our diets. Check it out. Armed with this knowledge and a growling stomach, you’ll want to fast track that Organic Persimmon delivery!

Just last month we brought in our freshly-harvested Organic Persimmons and dried them to perfection and we’re happy to say we have an excellent batch to offer you. So run, don’t walk to your laptop or phone – or come by our safety-enhanced country store – and snag a bag or two of these sublime fruits.

Want to bring on some extra Organic Persimmon bliss? Great, ‘cause they are this month’s web special. You’ll enjoy 27% off when you buy two or more 1 pound bags! Yes everyone, your taste buds and your wallet are in for a treat!

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