Organic Sweet Apples: Give Your Doctor a Break!

Organic Sweet Apples: Give Your Doctor a Break!

We’ve all heard the old English proverb about keeping the doctor away by eating an Apple a day, right? We think you’d agree that it’s been a long year for all of us, including our hard-working doctors. So now that we are gradually emerging from lockdown, how about giving these heroes a break? We say get outdoors for some nice fresh Spring air. Call loved ones you haven’t seen for months. And do your body a favor by including Bella Viva Orchards’ Organic Sweet Apples in your diet!

Now, when you think of Apple-growing regions, did you know that the Central Valley deserves more than a nod? Yes, many varieties of Apples thrive in this area. And among those varieties are some of the best local Apples. We’re talking about beautiful Fujis, Galas and Granny Smiths – all from fertile land stretching from south of our state’s capital to just up the road from us. We make it a point to source our Organic Apples from local growers as much as possible, and fortunately that’s most of the time. When our local Apple supply isn’t as plentiful though, we may bring in Apples from as far as Washington state, which you know is famed for its Apples. While we love to keep it local, we have to say that Apple growers in Washington state deserve the recognition they receive for producing some outstanding fruit.

We love Apples for so many reasons. They taste great, they’re very portable and they’re fun to eat. A bonus? No sticky fingers! Many health experts also give them good press. Click here to see what Medical News Today has to say about them. Now, while we’re all for promoting a healthy lifestyle, including encouraging you to enjoy a great diet, we say you don’t need to be a health guru to enjoy our Organic Sweet Apples. They’re just plain ol’ good!

While we like the idea that you’d eat them every day, that may be a bit of a stretch, huh? That’s okay, just eat more of them. You get it. To make it sweeter for you to enjoy all of our Organic Sweet Apples, we’re offering them as April’s web special at an impressive 25 percent off when you buy two or more one-pound bags of our Organic Dried Sweet Apple Rings (that’s $14.07 per bag) and 10 percent off any quantity of our other Apple products!

Yeah, we’re totally touting the greatness of Apples, but you know they’re no substitute for following your doctor’s orders and showing up or logging in for those appointments. You get it. Just get those sweet Apples into your life. Bring on that wholesomeness in a tasty way!

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