Partial to Persimmons: November’s Bejeweled Bounty

Partial to Persimmons: November’s Bejeweled Bounty


Mother Nature brings many amazing gifts to us, and among those gifts are the cool, colorful days of autumn and the last of the year’s harvest. If you live anywhere near the countryside you can easily feel it and see it. Your morning routine likely includes grabbing a jacket. Leaves on the trees and grapevines have been turning gold, amber and deep red. Sunsets are coming noticeably earlier. Pumpkin spice has taken over our stores, homes and coffee shops. And ‘round here shiny, deep orange Persimmons are being plucked from the trees. For these reasons and more it’s one of our favorite times of the year.

For those of you who love autumn and love Persimmons, you’re in for a treat! Our neighboring grower-partner is harvesting Certified Organic Persimmons right now and we’re drying them as soon as they come off of those trees. They’re beautiful, they’re flavorful, they’re nutritious and we can’t wait to share them with you! And yes, we said Organic! These Persimmons are the Hachiya variety, the kind that are famous for their bright orange shiny skins and acorn shape. If you’re already partial to Persimmons you know that they taste like that pumpkin spice that we mentioned a moment ago. The difference is that there’s absolutely nothing added to these deeply-hued fruits. Just Mother Nature’s touch and loving care by those who grow them, dry them and get them ready for your enjoyment.

Our sliced heavenly Hachiyas are pleasantly chewy and contain naturally-occurring pretty little black spots that show where the California sun kissed them. Aside from tasting like spiced sugary-sweet autumn treats, you can feel good about them. You know the drill. When you’re done reading about what’s going on at Bella Viva Orchards this month, if you’re curious about the nutritional benefits of Persimmons, get your favorite search engine fired up and read up! They’re perfectly tasty enjoyed just as they are, right out of the bag. But if you want to get in your kitchen with them, check out the recipes in our all new Bella Viva Orchards cookbook!

Whether you want to enjoy them as a snack or in a fall dessert, you’ll want to take advantage of this month’s web special on them. Our freshly harvested and dried Certified Organic Dried Persimmons are available for a golden 20 percent off through the end of this month. To save you the stress of having to pull out a calculator, that means they’re currently $14.99 per one-pound bag. Make sure you pick up enough for a Persimmon Crisp or a nice batch of Persimmon Walnut Energy Bars. Or for some seriously tasty, healthful snacking!

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