The Appeal of Apples: Treasures from the West

The Appeal of Apples: Treasures from the West

Offering locally-grown fruits and nuts is near and dear to our hearts. Many of you know that we offer varieties of Apples that are grown nearby and those particular varieties thrive in our area, but there are times when we find something that isn’t exactly locally-grown that we just can’t resist. Enter our New Dried Sweet Apple Chips. Before we go on, we have to say that like our Apricots, we love each of our Apple products and it’s impossible to play favorites. No hurt feelings, ‘cause it’s all one big Apple-loving group hug!

It’s likely that you think of Washington State as a more prolific Apple-growing state than California and you’re right. According to this USDA report, of the seven top Apple-producing states, Washington State leads the way, followed by New York State, then Michigan, Pennsylvania, Oregon, California and Virginia. For you info hounds, that USDA report showed that overall, US production of Apples was 10,525 million pounds in 2021, with Washington State contributing 7,400 million of that amount. California and Virginia contributed 185 million pounds and 180 pounds respectively. We at the bottom of the list aren’t ashamed one bit. We’re glad to be on that list and what we do produce is worthy of appreciation anywhere. We say Washington Apple growers are really good at what they do: Producing some of the most amazing Apples in the country, if not the whole world!

So back to those New Dried Sweet Apple Chips. What is there to love about them? Oh, how do we count the ways?! For starters, they’re the epitome of natural super-sweetness and they’re so pleasantly thin and crisp that they melt in your mouth. Our taste-testers reported that they had to use restraint not to eat the whole bag of these completely natural Apples that taste like they’ve been toasted with caramel. And, unapologetically, they come from Washington State, where the Apple-growing region has many warm days and mostly cool nights. It’s the ideal climate for producing beautifully-colored, sweet-fleshed Apples.

We heartily encourage you to check out our New Dried Sweet Apple Chips, but we wouldn’t try to hold you back if you want to be a California purist. If California-grown is a priority for you, check out our Dried Sweet Apples, our Certified Organic Dried Sweet Apples, our Dried Tart Apples, our Certified Organic Dried Tart Apples or our baking- and snack-ready Natural Diced Tart Apples. However you enjoy them, we think you’ll agree that it’s just about impossible to name a favorite.

We’d love to see you respond to our New Dried Sweet Apple Chips with the same kind of spirit that our taste testers did. While they really don’t need enticement, we’re offering them as this month’s web special at 25 percent off, or just $12.99 per one-pound bag. We trust that one bite of these light, sweet and crispy treats will make a fan out of you! So toss out a hip-hip-hooray for Washington State for leading the pack and a highly respectful cheers to all the rest of our Apple-producing states.

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