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Dried Blueberries (Sugar Infused)

Dried Blueberries (Sugar Infused)
Dried Blueberries
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Blueberries dried and sugar infused for those with a sweeter tooth. Great for cooking and baking! Below, learn how blueberries are known to reduce oxidative stress to the brain, support the vascular system, and fight E. Coli.
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Ingredients: Blueberries, sugar, sunflower oil

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Dried Blueberries (Sugar Infused)

These Dried Blueberries are infused with sugar for added sweetness, perfect for those with a sweeter tooth. Sugar Infused Dried Blueberries are great for cooking, baking or mixed up in some plain Greek Yogurt for a quick snack! 

Blueberry Brain Power
When aging animals were fed a diet rich with blueberries, it improved their learning capability and motor skills making them the mental equivalent of far younger animals. The blueberrys ability to prevent oxidative stress to the brain appears to prevent effects of age related conditions such as Alzheimers disease. Learn more about similar studies at

Blueberry Apoptosis
Ellagic Acid found in Blueberries seem to prevent cell prolife and help damaged cells induce apoptosis so that damaged cells are destroyed and do not turn cancerous. Learn more about Ellagic Acid at the American Cancer Society.

Blueberries Fight E. Coli
The blueberry is closely related to the cranberry. They even share some of the same beneficial properties such as the ability to prevent and fight urinary tract infections caused by E. Coli. Learn more at

Strong Vascular System
Dried Blueberries are loaded with anthocyanins which gives fruit their dark pigment. Anthocyanins help support the vascular systems integrity as well as promotes the effects of vitamin C.  Discover more at

Baking With Dried Blueberries
Because of our Dried Blueberrys sweet and tangy flavor, as well as their small size, they are fantastic for all sorts of baked goods. The Blueberry Muffin is the most consumed muffin in the US but that isnt the only way people are enjoying dried blueberries. People have already told us how much they love our dried blueberries in their granola, yogurt, pancakes, cornbread, oatmeal, and trail mix. Im sure you have many more ideas for dried blueberries and we would love to hear them. 

 For your convenience you can buy dried blueberries in 3 different sizes ranging from 16oz, 5lbs, and 25lb boxes of bulk dried blueberries. 

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