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California Natural Dried Apricots

California Natural Dried Apricots
Natural Dried Apricots
Kosher Certified
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Look at the ingredients and all you see is "Apricots." The halves are dried naturally without preservatives resulting in a pure apricot with darker skin and tougher flesh. Aficionados of dried fruit know these apricots deliver sweet earthy flavor and mild apricot tang.
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Ingredients: Apricots

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Dried No-Sulphur Apricots

Fresh from the Central California sun, these apricots come as fine as nature made them. Sweet and full-flavored, these dried apricots are packaged without the preservative sulfur dioxide, normally used to preserve the apricot's color when drying. Aficionados of no-sulphur apricots can tell how good these apricots are just by looking at them --- the darker the color, the sweeter the taste, as they say. Our No-Sulphur Apricots make the perfect, nutritious snack for your hiking trip, a busy work day or your kids' lunch box. This product is Certified Kosher.

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