Chocolate Covered Fruits & Nuts Grown Here

Our Chocolate Covered Fruits and Nuts are grown right here in our Bella Viva Orchards. Try one of our fan favorites, our Chocolate Covered Cherries, or sample the bounty with our Mixed Chocolate Fruit & Nuts. Because we specialize in growing and drying fruit, we decided to take them to the next level and have our dried fruits covered in milk chocolate. Many consider dried fruits alone to be delicious -- how much better is it to get your hands on chocolate-covered apricots, peaches, strawberries, walnuts, and almonds?!

Beautifully packaged, our milk chocolate covered fruits and nuts are sure to delight. We've selected some of our favorites and included them in our Chocolate Fruit Tray. Or get a little nutty with our Mixed Chocolate Tray, packed with a variety of fruits and nuts. You can find our chocolate gifts online individually or in many of our gift baskets, often paired with our premium dried fruit and nuts. One of our most popular gift baskets is the Gourmet Gift Basket, packed with a combination of dried fruit trays and 5 different chocolate fruits & nuts.