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Bella Viva Orchards, Inc.

Organic Dried Yellow Peach Slices

Organic Dried Yellow Peach Slices

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Kosher Organic Bella Viva Quality
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Bella Viva Orchards’ Dried Organic Peach Slices are grown in an estate orchard that has been in our family since 1987. We grow several varieties of Peaches, with our largest planting being the Angelus variety. And as you guessed it, our Certified Organic Dried Peach Slices are of that Angelus variety. You probably will not see them in the produce department of a grocery store because they are an uncommon variety. We love to grow them because of their incredible flavor, texture, aroma, sweetness and color. Did we mention their size? It’s hard to believe they’re Certified Organic, ‘cause they are as big as softballs and flawless! We incorporate painstaking practices that our family has refined for over 75 years to offer you a superior experience when you enjoy this fruit, including hand-thinning of the fruit throughout the season and hand-harvesting. Whether or not our growing and harvesting practices are on the top of your list for importance, we trust that you’ll find this to be a Peach experience to come back to time and time again. And thanks to our proprietary drying practices you can enjoy them any time of the year!

Allergen Statement: Packaged in a facility that packs tree nuts and dairy products.

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