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Dried Slab Apricots

Dried Slab Apricots

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Slab Apricots are made from the most ripe and juicy apricots on the tree, that is why they are so incredibly moist and far sweeter than any other dried apricots. We pick these apricots only when they are fully ripe, resulting in a natural, sweet flavor and wonderful aroma when dried. You will not believe how moist and delicious they are! Only the most ripe and sweetest apricots are dried to make this limited supply of dried slab apricots.

Many of our apricot fans want to know – “What does the term “slab” mean? Are these a variety?” Slab is a type of dried apricot that is so ripe when cut it can’t maintain its round figure. They dry in the shape of flat chewy slabs -- usually thicker on one end and thinner on the other. The Slabs are a bit sticky with a lush fruity apricot tang that melts with each savory bite.

Allergen Statement: Packaged in a facility that packs tree nuts and dairy products.

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Apricots, sulphur dioxide

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