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Dried Black Figs

Dried Black Figs
Dried Black Fig
Kosher Certified
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A sacred fruit of the ancients, figs were considered a fruit of peace and prosperity.
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Ingredients: Figs, potassium sorbate

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California Black Figs

Grown on fragrant, leafy trees in Central California, our plump, soft and lightly sweet Dried Black Figs are harvested at their peak and dried with care so you can enjoy them anytime. Spanish missionaries brought the Black Mission variety of figs to California as they established their missions in their northward journey. Our Dried Black Figs are naturally fat-fee, GMO-free and are high in calcium and iron. They’re also a good source of copper, manganese and fiber - nutrients that are beneficial in blood health, tissue and cartilage health and heart health. They make a satisfying alternative to sugary sweets – without the guilt of added sugar. Try them in recipes such as sweet and savory Mediterranean pilafs, couscous or tagines, chopped and topped on your breakfast cereal, in fig bars or in a Moroccan-inspired salad. Surf the web and you’ll find countless ways to incorporate Dried Black Figs into your diet!

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