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Orange Honey

Orange Honey
Orange Honey 1 LB
Kosher Certified
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Raw, unfiltered, Orange Honey, for the honey purist. Selected from the finest nectars, with natural enzymes and vitamins.
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Ingredients: Orange Honey
Orange Honey  
This raw, unfiltered Orange Honey comes to us from our trusted grower-partner at Topanga Quality Honey. Raw honey, produced peacefully and harmlessly by honeybees, is removed from the hives, “gravity strained” and bottled. Honey, a natural sweetener that originated in ancient times, is a healthier alternative to processed sugar and experts claim that including it in your diet may help curb seasonal allergies (1) and can help ease cough in children (2). Touted health benefits aside, it just tastes great! Once you incorporate Honey in your regular diet, you’ll want to keep a stash in your pantry all the time. While you’re swooning over its healthy sticky sweetness, you’ll want to try our Clover Honey, too!

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