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Organic Trail Mix

Organic Trail Mix
Organic Trail Mix, 1 lb
Kosher Certified
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Ingredients: Organic apricots, organic prunes, organic raisins, organic almonds, organic cherries, organic walnuts, organic strawberries

Snack time has been elevated, thanks to our own Organic Trail Mix. We’ve created a tasty, and nutritious blend of Walnuts, Strawberries, Cherries, Raw Almonds, Turkish Apricots, Thompson Seedless Raisins and plump Prunes that’s pretty enough to serve in a bowl when company comes and practical enough to pack in the kids’ lunchboxes, stash in your desk for the afternoon snack attack, or enjoyed as part of any healthful meal. And there’s nothing added to this special blend but Mother Nature’s kindness. Because it’s dried and contains only beautiful dried fruits and nuts, it makes a very portable treat for any season.  This mixture is a source of plant-based protein, which helps you feel fuller longer. It’s sure to be a favorite for anyone wanting to feel satisfied and healthy while enjoying real flavors and textures in every bite.

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