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Unsweetened Dried Blueberries

Unsweetened Dried Blueberries
Unsweetened Dried Blueberries

Besides being fun to eat and versatile, our deep purply-black Unsweetened Dried Blueberries are absolutely natural and contain nothing but locally-grown Blueberries. It’s easy to find Dried Blueberries that are infused with sugar or juice, which is great if that’s what you’re looking for, but we wanted to go all-natural, so we teamed up with a neighboring farmer and dried our own without any sweeteners and the result is amazing!

We just like to eat ‘em ‘cause they’re tasty, but experts have more to say about them. Check out this article and see for yourself!

Eat ‘em as a snack, add some to your morning oatmeal or toss a handful into your spinach salad at dinnertime. Or try them in recipes that call for Raisins for a different flavor profile. Explore the possibilities and feel good about having these healthful little beauties in your diet.

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Only ripe, fresh, California blueberries, surging with sweetness, can be used to dry our Unsweetened Dried Blueberries. You will find no preservatives, juices, or added sweeteners of any kind. Although we haven't added any sugar, these all Natural berries are still sweet. Perfect for Snacking and Baking!
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Kosher Certified Ingredients: Blueberries
Allergen Statement: Packaged in a facility that packs tree nuts and dairy products.

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Customer Reviews

I searched high and low for dried Blueberries. I sampled Freeze Dried as well as Air Dried Blueberries elsewhere. I was not satisfied until I discovered Bella Viva Dried Blueberries. Other suppliers' Blueberries had infused sugar, or juice (which made it sticky) or it had sulfates. I did not like any of it. I did come across a supplier of Freeze Dried Blueberries, whose product did not have any additives. It was crunchy. I did not approve of it. I needed dried blueberries that had a raisin like chew to it. I found that at Bella Viva. I am happy.
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Reviewed by:  from Jackson on 8/5/2016
Unsweetened blueberries
I used to be able to buy unsweetened blueberries at Trader Joe's but several years ago now they discontinued those and now only carry dried blueberries that are sweetened with one thing or another. I went online and found Bella Viva and have been ordering their unsweetened blues ever since. They are perfect and certainly sweet enough as is and every order also contains a surprise sample. The dried apricots are also delicious.
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Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles on 8/4/2016
These are the best dried blueberries I've had. I've ordered others online that were small and too dry. These are delicious. I use them in my plain Greek yogurt, oatmeal and on salads. Looking forward to trying them for my baking needs (morning muffins). Would definitely recommend to others!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Georgia on 8/8/2016
Love these!
I have purchased these several times. I love eating them with dried apricots. They seem to keep best at room temperature, rather than refrigerated or frozen.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from California on 8/5/2016
These are very, very good. I love these for a snack and they take care of a sweet craving too. I tried a handful in my oatmeal with some creamer this mornining for a treat and it was so good with those berries. A great buy in bulk, compared to what I find in our local supermarkets which are very pricey! These are nice sized and fresh too! They would be great in trail mix. Thumbs up!!!
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Reviewed by:  from Placentia - California on 11/18/2016
Excellent Blueberries, with no sweetener, no oils added. None needed.
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Reviewed by:  from Huntsville, TX on 9/7/2016
PhD experimental physics
It's hard to find unsweetened blueberries unless you get freeze-dried. These blueberries are just fine.
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Reviewed by:  from Pearland on 8/6/2016
great product!! perfectly dehydrated
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Reviewed by:  from SD on 10/18/2016
No taste to them
I did not care for these blueberries at all. they were tasteless, not sweet. I purchased the strawberries and they were great. not sure if I would try these again or not, due to the high price and the bad product experience.
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Reviewed by:  from Ohio on 9/26/2016
Great dried blueberries
I order these and put a handful into my protein shakes. These are always perfect and make the shakes tasty. Shipping is always prompt.
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Reviewed by:  from Dallas on 11/17/2016
Product:Natural Dried Blueberries
Kosher Status:Kosher
GMO Statement:This Product is 100% GMO Free
Process:Blueberries are dehydrated in compliance with Local, State, and Federal Law Rules and Ordinances. Graded to DFA Standards.
Color:Deep purple to black
Flavoring:Typical of dried blueberries with no off flavor
Metal Detection:1.80mm ferric, 2.16mm non-ferric 2.70 stainless
Storage:This product does not require cold storage, however, shelf life is greatly increased with cold storage.
Shelf Life:At room temperature 70-78 F, 90 days. Cold Storage 32-40 F, 50% humidity, 365 days.
Case Pack:8 oz, 5 lbs, 15 lbs