Certified Organic Prunes: Pretty and Praiseworthy

Certified Organic Prunes: Pretty and Praiseworthy

Still feeling good about the thought of enjoying “rescued fruits” in your diet? We sure hope so! While you’re feeling good, we think you’ll want to add our Certified Organic Prunes to your list of foods in your self-respecting diet! Just to differentiate before we continue, our Certified Organic Prunes are grown to be dried, so they aren’t part of our “rescued fruits” mission. But very importantly, our Certified Organic Prunes are just that. Certified Organic. That means we take painstaking efforts to qualify for this esteemed designation. It’s detailed and rightfully demanding, but to us, it’s worth every bit of the time, concern and effort. It’s because we care that you can enjoy some of the best Certified Organic fruit that the earth has to offer – and we care about Mother Earth! Our Organics certainly do their part to be good for our environment, for sure!

If you’ve read about our Certified Organic Prunes before, you probably remember that they’re grown on an estate orchard that’s been in our family for over 70 years. These Prunes were always peerless. They were and are plump, sweet to a just-right level, super-charged with nutrition and so beautiful. They were already perfect, and then we decided to take them to the next level by going Organic. It took years, but it was worth it. 

We never tire of singing the praises of our Certified Organic Prunes. If you have a choice of eating a fruit ANY meal of the day, whether it’s sweet or savory, hot or cold, lean or indulgent, we vote for the Prune. Prunes are a source of fiber and are just packed with nutrients. So many nutrients and health benefits that if we were to go into all of their virtues, what you’re reading right now could turn into War and Peace, but just know that they are purely good for your taste buds and good for your body. If you’re looking for a refresher on their health benefits you know what to do: crack open a book on nutrition or ask your web browser to do the hard work.

We’ve long had a love for our Certified Organic Dried Pitted Prunes and are ever-proud to share their praiseworthiness. We love them so much that we want you to join us in singing their praises. To celebrate their goodness we are offering them for just $7.99 per one-pound bag through the end of the month. That’s a pretty healthy price break, we’d say. So get your imagination going on the many ways to add these beauties to your diet, grab a few bags and feel good about yourself for making them part of your healthier lifestyle. Happy New Year, friends!

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