March Gladness: Certified Organic Walnuts

March Gladness: Certified Organic Walnuts

Our nearby Certified Organic Walnut grower’s passion for regenerative farming yields some of the best tasting walnuts on earth. Their orchards are majestic and the trees are so tall that even the tallest of people can walk through the orchards with plenty of overhead room. The large, deep green leaves and long, productive boughs form a canopy that are reminiscent of childhood fairy tales. These orchards are magical places! This month beautiful buds are forming on the trees and tender, bright new leaves are unfurling. (Yes, and the bluebirds are chirping, too!) These signs tell us that spring is just about upon us. We love it and are excited to see these incredible, nutritious Walnuts grow with promise of a healthy harvest to come!

We mentioned a healthy harvest. How about a healthier you? We’ll leave the exercise and lifestyle talk to other pros out there – but we ARE going to tell you that when it comes to nutritional options, Bella Viva Orchards is on your side! We think our Certified Organic Walnuts are prime examples of locally-grown, GMO-free foods that belong in pretty much any healthy diet.

Enjoying Certified Organic Walnuts is such an easy way to make your life better! We think they belong in your life because they taste great, they’re versatile additions to any meal or snacking session and they’re entirely additive-free, meaning you can feel good about giving ‘em to your family, friends and yourself! But if you’re looking for scientific reasons to enjoy them, a quick online search will produce articles and studies including the American Heart Association giving us plenty of reasons to add them to our daily diets. So stock up and reap the many benefits of these virtuous nuts (or drupes, for those of you who are plant purists).

So if you want to enjoy a healthy taste of some of California’s finest foods simply because they’re easy, fun and tasty – or if you want to follow the advice of those who have conducted extensive research on the benefits of Certified Organic Walnuts, we say now’s a prime time to get inspired! Besides these reasons, we think we can make your wallet happy, too, ‘case from now through the end of March, we’re offering our Certified Organic Walnuts to you for a nice 35 percent off. That means right now, you’ll enjoy them for just $11.04 per pound! And did we mention that they’re shelled? Makes it pretty easy for you, huh!?

Since we’re celebrating the good things that spring has to offer, we just couldn’t stop there! We thought you’d enjoy more savings on some of our other favorites while you’ve got your shopping bag going. From now through the end of March, when you pick up any quantities of our Certified Organic Dried Pitted Prunes, Certified Organic Dried Zante Currants, Certified Organic Dried Mangos, Certified Organic Coconut Chips (unsweetened), Certified Organic Hazelnuts (raw, no shell) and Certified Organic Mixed Nuts (raw, no shell) you’ll enjoy a nice 10 percent off! We encourage you to mix and match to your heart’s content!

So think of the promises of spring, listen to the birds singing and take a real or imaginary stroll through a beautiful Walnut orchard while munching on a handful of these nutritious beauties. These are some of the best parts of spring, friends – enjoy it all!

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