Passion for Prunes: New Organic Product in April

Passion for Prunes: New Organic Product in April

You know we’re crazy proud of our Prunes (understatement, right?!). And you know how much we talk about them. How can we resist? They’re nothing short of amazing! Whether or not you’re familiar with them, we’re about to give you plenty of reasons to make them part of your life!

Offering our Certified Organic Prunes to you is near and dear to our hearts. They’re super nutritious, they’re incredibly sweet and plump and they’re at home with any meal of the day or at any snack session! A big plus: They’re GMO-free and completely additive-free. They just bask in the warm California sun until they’re lovingly harvested, dried and packaged for you, our valued customers. If you’ve been in the Central Valley recently, chances are you’ve driven past Prune orchards in full bloom. It’s a dramatic sight that brings us optimism and joy!

Whether you just like Dried Prunes or are an organic purist, you’ll find our Certified Organic Dried Prunes to be so plump and sweet that it’s hard to imagine that they’re organic! And they boast so many health benefits that we could go on forever! These antioxidant-rich fruits are linked with enhancing bone health, digestive health, energy levels and even may be linked to mental clarity! If you want to dig deeper into the virtues of Dried Prunes, you can do your own online search or get into this article about Prunes and bone health from the National Library of Medicine.

But what happened to that new product we’re announcing? Yes, we’re getting to the point! As you probably know, we proudly grow our Certified Organic Prunes in an estate orchard that’s been in the Martino family since 1943 and were using regenerative practices before those practices were even popular. Those practices include planting beneficial grasses such as vetch and bell beans to grow around the trees. Those cover crops add nitrogen to the soil and increase moisture retention thus requiring fewer irrigations which allow the trees to tolerate drought conditions should they occur.   They also provide an excellent habitat for beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewing that eat parasitic life sucking aphids. Another cover crop that we invite into our Organic Prune orchards is mustard – the same plant that gives you ball park mustard that you put on hot dogs! What mustard does is safely reduce the amount of nematodes in the soil. Nematodes are little insects that get into the trees’ roots, suck out the valuable juices and stunt the trees’ growth. These are just a few of the regenerative practices we incorporate to be kind to the earth. While conventional agricultural practices have served us all well in years past, it’s time to work with Mother Nature and heal the land. It’s something we’re passionate about and have been for generations. Now, just when you thought the story couldn’t get any better, it does! We’re excited to share that we are introducing an all-new product: Certified Organic Slab Pitted Prunes with Prunes that are grown in that same orchard!


They’re the same nutritious, tasty Certified Organic Dried Prunes that you’ve come to love, but with an added benefit: We use a rolling method to remove the pits from these fruits rather than punch the pits out. The pits are pressed out and the result is a plump disk of Organic Prune goodness. The result is a flatter slab-like Prune – at a more economical price! They can be used the same ways as any of our other Prunes and when they’re rehydrated or added to any recipe, nobody would know that you saved money on them while offering the same incredible flavor, health benefits and quality!

If you’re curious about these great NEW Certified Organic Slab Pitted Prunes, now’s a great time to check ‘em out, ‘cause from now through the end of April we’re offering them at a sweet 40 percent off. That’s just $5.99 per pound if you don’t want to pull out your calculator.

So you can do a comparison, we’re also offering 10 percent off our Certified Organic Dried Pitted Prunes! We also would like to introduce our NEW Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans by offering them at 10 percent off through the end of April. And to round out your shopping basket, make room in your pantry for our Certified Organic Dried Sweet Apple Chips, and our Certified Organic Dried Black Figs – all at 10 percent off any quantity of 1 lb bags! We’re sure that our new Slab Pitted Prunes will make your taste buds sing and you’ll enjoy the nice price savings on these other great products!

To a springtime of discovery and health, friends!

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