Pear Paradise: Harvest is Here!

Pear Paradise: Harvest is Here!

When you think of a place called “paradise” your mind may go to beaches, warm sea water and swaying palm trees. That’s good and we pretty much share those images. But ‘round here, paradise can be found in the middle of a Pear orchard. Think about it: Miles of California Delta waterways, small agriculture communities here and there, hard-working farmers and a climate that’s perfect for Pears!

Pear TreeOur Certified Organic Pears are grown by local partners who share our farming values. These beautiful, shapely fruits are sustainably grown in beautiful, leafy orchards without synthetic pesticides or additives and the result is pure Pear perfection! And more good news is that these Pears are being harvested and dried right now!

Yes, we fully acknowledge that we gave our Certified Organic Prunes a lot of press this month, and these Pears are no runners-up. They are so worthy that we wholeheartedly suggest that you give these Certified Organic Pears a try if you haven’t done so already. If you need any reasons, besides being sweet, pleasantly chewy and softly aromatic, experts tell us that they are filled with health benefits. Check out this article from WebMD and as you read we invite you to remember that our Certified Organic Pears are completely additive-free so as you enjoy them you can focus on the many positive aspects of this fruit!

To celebrate this year’s Certified Organic Pear harvest and to acknowledge our grower-partners, we’re offering our Certified Organic Dried Pears for a nice 25 percent discount from now through the end of September. That’s just $12.75 per one-pound bag! While we’re feeling the love for our Pears, we’d like to offer you some nice deals off of some of our other Certified Organic products! From now through the end of this month, take 10 percent off our Certified Organic Walnuts, Certified Organic Raw Almonds, Certified Organic Trail Mix, Certified Organic Thompson Seedless Raisins, Certified Organic Dried Zante Currants and Certified Organic Dried Sweet Apples. We say yeahhhh to the savings and yeahhhh to your health!

Eat all of these tasty, healthful items just as they are or use them in recipes from our own e-cookbook: In the Kitchen with Bella Viva Orchards. With this month’s web specials on these local fruits and nuts, you’ll want to pick up some extras for noshing or experimenting. Enjoy the beginning of the fall season, enjoy the savings and take your imagination on a Pear paradise vacation! Happy fall, everyone!

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