Sweet September: Prunes Abound!

Sweet September: Prunes Abound!

When September comes around, it signals many things: The beginning of the fall season, heading out to watch the kids and grandkids play their sports and getting out into our orchards to harvest our beloved Certified Organic Prunes!

Bella Viva's Family Grown Organic Plums (Prunes) in California

For those of you who’ve been reading our newsletters for a while you’re probably familiar with how proud we are to bring this super healthful fruit to you. And you’ll probably remember that these beautiful fruits are grown organically in an estate orchard that’s been in our family for over 80 years. And if your memory is really sharp, you’ll recall that this is the same land where the Martino kids grew up!

We grew our Prunes in those family orchards for years and after deciding we wanted to go organic we realized our goal in 2021 by releasing our first crop of Certified Organic Prunes. We’re super excited to share that this year’s harvest is our biggest ever! That’s great, ‘cause they’ve become a customer favorite for all kinds of Prune fans – especially those who seek organic foods in their lives. Experts may tell you that Certified Organic Prunes have the same nutritional benefits as non-organics. That’s great, for sure! But when given a choice, wouldn’t you prefer to eat a fruit that’s sustainably grown in a pesticide-free environment and harvested and dried with no additives whatsoever? We think you’d say YES! And what makes it even better is that these fruits are teeming with awesome nutrients and health benefits. If you want to get your geek on, check out this article on Prunes and bone health by the National Library of Medicine.

Sure, that article is very informative, but how ‘bout the more human side? Glad you asked!

Organic Dried Pitted Prunes By Bella Viva California GrownRecently, Victor shared a memory: “Remember my recent story about how I grew up on a Peach orchard? Well, that orchard was right next to my family’s Prune orchard. For as long as I can remember, during this time of year, I’d be picking Prunes with my family after school on hot August afternoons . Back in those days, we’d dry our Prunes in the sun as the hot days of summer were coming to a close. To get the drying process started, we’d dip the fresh fruits in boiling water to break their skins so the moisture could escape more easily. When I was 12 my father taught me how to get a raging wood fire going under a big pot that was basically half of a 55 gallon drum. Once the water was boiling he put me in charge of dipping large colanders of prunes in the boiling water. I can still hear his voice ‘Put them in and count to 30. If they’re in too long they'll turn to mush; not long enough and the skins won’t be cracked. And be careful not to get burned.’ By the time I was 15 I was proud to be in charge of overseeing the whole Prune drying process. A lot has changed since the ’60s and ’70s – but our obsession with producing the perfect Prune has always been our guide. Today we dry our Prunes with modern dehydrators. We love nostalgia, but we’re happy to say that we now have a safer – and just as healthful – way to go about it!”

Maybe Victor’s memory conjures up memories of things you did when you were about that age. It doesn’t necessarily have to entail vats of boiling water, either! With a nod to nostalgia and to celebrate a nice big crop of our beloved Prunes, we’re offering them as this month’s web special. From now through the end of September, we’re offering our Certified Organic Pitted Prunes for a whopping 40 percent off per pound! That’s just $5.99 per one-pound bag! We say do your wallet and your body good by stocking up on this spectacular fruit! You know they’re perfect for snacking but if you want to get in the kitchen with them, check out our Prune recipes in In the Kitchen with Bella Viva Orchards or come up with your own brilliant ways to keep ‘em in your diet! 

Local Paper Article From 1980 Featuring Victor Martino and His Parents Selling Their Family-Grown Plums From Modesto California
Victor Martino Family Plum Article Modesto Bee 1980
Organic Dried Pitted Prunes 
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