The Pleasures of Pineapple

The Pleasures of Pineapple

Did all that talk about Mangoes get you in the mood for an imaginary trip to the tropics? Good! It worked. While you’re sitting in your lounge chair on that imaginary beach feeling that warm breeze in the air, we encourage you to stay and thoroughly chill. No guilt here. It’s not being lazy; it’s more that you are restoring your energy.

So, how can you make your imaginary vacation even better? Hmmm…how about with Pineapple!? Oh yes! It’s the perfect fit while you listen to imaginary ukulele tunes, we’d say!

Our Certified Organic Dried Pineapple is sweet with a slight tanginess and makes a delightful sun-filled treat any time of the day. It’s a pretty virtuous fruit, given that you could swear it’s almost like eating candy! If you’re looking for justification for gorging on these aloha-filled fruits, just put your favorite search engine to work to see what health experts have to say about them. And did we tell you that they’re GMO-free and blissfully fat-free? Yes, indeedy!

If you haven’t had our Organic Dried Pineapple before, you’re in for a treat. Okay, even if you HAVE enjoyed our Dried Pineapple, you know what kind of treat it is. Either way, what better way to transport your taste buds to a happy place than to have a bowl of these golden-hued fruits very near your hand!? Snack on them, yes, but you can also get in the kitchen with ‘em. And you don’t even need to turn on your oven to make that batch of no-cook Mango-Pineapple Energy Bars hat we mentioned earlier!

Whether you’re into them just because they taste so good – or if you’re into them for health reasons – or you just want to stay on that imaginary tropical vacation, now’s a great time to pick some up. You don’t even have to get out of your lounge chair. Now, how easy is that!? This month, you’ll enjoy 20 percent off any quantity of Certified Organic Dried Pineapple Rings. That’s just $12.00 per one-pound bag! And you don’t even need to check into a far-away resort to enjoy them!  So bask in the pleasures of Pineapple, continue your epic chill session and feel good about every bite. Happy summertime, friends!



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